For years now celebrity feuds have been entertaining people around the world.

Some are resolved quickly and others... well others seem to go on and on with no reconciliation in sight. With that in mind here are some of the biggest celebrity feuds we have seen.

Taylor Swift vs Kim Kardashian West & Kanye West

This one has been all over the internet recently. Taylor Swift is currently feuding with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West [VIDEO]. That's because Kanye references Taylor in his new song 'Famous' and lets just say it isn't a particularly positive reference either.

That's not the only thing that caused this feud as Taylor then said publicly that Kanye had not asked her permission to sing about her. Of course Kanye denied this and it wenton and onuntil a fed up Kim leaked a video showing that Kanye actually DID ask for Taylor's permission AND she said it was fine! A lot to keep up with I know.

Swift vs West

Of course these two previously and famously first fell out when Kanye interrupted Taylor when she accepted the VMA for best music video in 2009. Remember this? Kanye appeared on stage and suggested that Beyoncé that should have won and not Taylor. Harsh right?! Taylor eventually forgave Kanye and it seemed all was forgiven... until their latest feud that is.

Wonder what Taylor's song about Kanye will be called?

Swift vs Perry

Well no one can say that Taylor doesn't love a good feud! Taylor's record smashing hit Bad Blood was apparently written about her falling out with Katy Perry. Why did they fall out? Because Katy supposedly stole some backing dancers from Taylor's tour. Enough to write a harshly written song about her?

Hardly! She's been on a mission to publicly bring Katy Perry down while Katy has kept a dignified silence. Sympathy for Katy.

Azealia Banks vs Skai Jackson

These two argued on Twitter after rapper Azealia tweeted derogatory comments towards Zayn Malik. Fourteen year old Skai was quick to put twenty five year old Azealia in her place when the rapper started to pick on her after she commented on her tweets.

What followed was a hilarious comment from Skai mentioning how her meme was 'more popular then Azealia'. Ouch! It was later revealed that Skai's comments were actually made by her mum but it is still an interesting feud.

Orlando Bloom vs Justin Bieber

These two apparently came to blows on a holiday in Ibiza. The cause? Orlando was rumoured to be getting close to Justin's ex girlfriend Selena Gomez. The two stars had an altercation which resulted in Orlando throwing a punch and reportedly just missing Justin.

So yes Celebrities do indeed argue with each other and over incredibly stupid things too!