The 2016 Olympic Games are off and running in Rio but it hasn't had a smooth start. It's been a bit of a rocky start for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games and also Team GB. Whilst countries around the world were thoroughly entertained by the entertaining and wonderful opening ceremony that Brazil gave us, these games have had a negative atmosphere since then. Here is what has had a dramatic impact on the atmosphere of these games so far.

Russian athletes ban

Following the damming McLaren report which exposed a state-sponsored doping programme that ran for four years in Russia;the decision has been made by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to ban the entire Russian athletics team from the 2016 Olympic games.

They are still allowed to compete in other sporting events, however, the entire athletics team for Russia have been banned from competing and this has been looming over the Olympics before it started, which has therefore helped cause a negative atmosphere for the Olympics.


Having the Olympic games in Rio has always caused a little bit of controversy due to Brazil being rated one of the countries with the highest amount of poverty in the world. There is also the Zika virus which has put some athletes off from competing in the Olympic games as well. Not to mention there have been a few protests near sporting events being held in the Olympics, which have had to be stopped by security officials.

During day one of the games, security also carried out a controlled explosion because a bag was left unattended near the men's cycling road race. Then a stray bullet was shot through a media tent as well but luckily no one was hurt. These games have been marred by controversy so far.

Injured athletes

French gymnast Samir Ait Said sadly broke his leg whilst competing.

His vault went spectacularly wrong and he landed awkwardly and broke his leg. It was pretty gruesome to watchbut he isn't the only casualty of these games. The men's cycling road race saw many athletes fall off their bikes whilst riding in those dangerous conditions and in the women's cycling road race there were again athletes falling off their bikes during the race. The conditions were very hazardous out there.

We are only a couple of days into these games and yet the atmosphere has been tarred already. Can and will it improve?