Maybe it’s because of his political savviness, or his social relatability, or maybe it’s simply because of his fresh take on current affairs. But one thing’s for sure; Jonathan Pie is becoming increasingly popular throughout the UK, and not just amongst those involved directly in politics. Jonathan Pie, however, is not a real reporter. He is the brainchild of actor Tom Walker, who claims to have had the idea for the character for a while, but was propelled into developing it after the media attacked Jeremy Corbyn after he was elected Labour Party leader, with what Walker claims were ‘blatant f*****g lies’.

Politically correct...or not

It is evident to anyone who has watched more than one of Pie’s videos that he despises the ‘Establishment’ in its current form. Whether he directs his focus towards Cameron, Hunt or Gove, amongst others, it is clear that he falls on the left of the political spectrum. But he does not spare the ‘left’ of his wrath; indeed, in a recent post-referendum video posted online, Pie criticises the indecision of Labour members over party leadership; indeed, he asks ‘Do you want a right-wing Blairite or a socialist at the helm? The question is that simple. But make your f*****g mind up’. It is perhaps because of this that Tom Walker’s ‘Pie’ persona has garnered so much attention, to the extent that he is embarking on a nationwide tour in August, with many events already sold out.

Satirical hypocrisy

Or perhaps it is his relatability that has put him at the forefront of political satire over the last few months. Many of those critical of the government are hypocritical in their lavish lifestyles. However, Walker’s character, albeit fictional, encompasses a struggling, divorced father, a man fed up with his job, fed up with the political system and constantly irritated by his boss, the man in the earpiece, the infamous ‘Tim’.

In doing this, Walker has arguably managed to engage with many of those feeling disillusioned with politics, and who think that their opinion doesn’t count for anything. Jonathan Pie is here to involve them in the political debate, and if the current political climate is anything to go by, he’s going to be around for a long time to come.