At present, sexual freedom, the use of soft drugs, the trappings of wealth, lack of manners, systematic criticism of all religions are no longer considered shocking or transgressive acts.

Although absolutely against a radical return to the Victorian morality, I am not still deeply struck by what Western society in 2016 currently considers taboo. Now, you better be hypersexual that deeply romantic, addicted to the reality rather than the Shakespearean literature, botoxé, topspin and liposucé as banal and totally natural.

Reading in the pressand on social networks that some are not deprived of state as absolute truth, I was seized with fear when I realized that the following states were now totally unacceptable and stigmatized by most of my contemporaries.

I give you here the worst statements to which I was confronted, and it repeatedly.

"You got no breasts, you've got a big nose, a large forehead ... What you're ugly!"

I prefer to be perceived as ugly rather than look like all those brainless bimbos whose exhibition lack of cortex systematically buzz in what I call the manure pit is this cursed Real TV.

"Say, you would not have taken a few kilos ... You should be ashamed to let you go like that?"

I know. At present, for a woman, regardless of age, to more than a size 34, it's worse than being a leper in the thirteenth century. I leave my rattle right away, or I expect that you have finished your pro-ana tirade?

"The disease is in the head. I'm sure your stuff is psychological"

Even psychosomatic ailments have real impact on physical health. In your opinion, is the hard-hypochondria as the aftermath of road accidents? Are they imaginary profound disabilities or chronic diseases like multiple sclerosis and ankylosing spondylitis? You want more than I prostrate myself before this totally wrong ostracism?

"You really do not want to admit that at 35, he should have other priorities?"

Is it a priority to marry, have children, a nice home, three weeks of paid leave per year and a big car although flashy? Are there no other paths to happiness?

"I do not like artists, it's weird people"

Perhaps because free enterprise is a concept that frightens ...

Or because everything related to artistic expression leaves you cold. Or because of its live artistic performances is nowadays considered a marginal state?

"I, would pay me two million, I never would dress me like you. What you're cheesy!"

Rather than being fashionable, do not you think it's better to play the classic card that has the advantage of being timeless? Is it not better to be consistent with its own authenticity rather than the dictates of magazines?

"Believing in God is like believing in Santa Claus. That sucks!"

Others have told you before that "Religion is the opium of the people" (Marx). But believing in God is not only the dogma or religion. This is primarily a faith, a hope. And want to make militant atheism the standard to be met is not nothing but a new type of fanaticism.

This anthology is unfortunately not exhaustive. We are fortunate to live in the XXI century, and most European countries are democratic ... So why try to impose this unofficial tyranny on the modus vivendi to adopt mandatory?