Anne Hildalgo's ban

Anne Hidalgo, the mayor of Paris, banned 20+ year old cars from Paris streets. She knew her London counterpart, Sadiq Khan, would strengthen taxes in London for all vehicles put into circulation before 2005. Hidalgoeven expanded the area subject to tolls (since 2003, the toll was introduced, and its cost increased to 13.50 Euros at current prices).

In the greater Paris region, the ban on driving in Paris for all old vehicles (two wheelers included) greatly displeased the drivers concerned. Especially owners of small cars comparing their level of pollution with that of newer vehicles.

And yet ... it's probably just the beginning, further action will occur, and in this regard, Londonis the place to look.

The differences between Paris and London, in this regard, are striking. Boris Johnson, the former mayor, had restricted the expansion of the area subject to the tax. It remains for the moment restricted to a "London Congestion Charging Zone" which is less extensive than central Paris. Sadiq Khan, the new mayor, wants a toll rate increase from 11.50 to 12.50 Pounds (about 15 Euros at the current rate, the cheapest since Brexit). Tourists unfamiliar with this provision may especially have to deal £195, the maximum fine if the payment is not made within 28 days.

But this daily fee applicable to virtually any vehicle put into circulation before 2005, adding a "pollution charge" of £ 10 (or £ 22.50 over 26 €).Since 2001, due to tax provisions benefiting particularly European manufacturers of diesel vehicles, their proportion has changed significantly: the number of diesel engines has more than doubled in 15 years in the UK.

The current applied toll

Currently, the toll applies to all non-exempt gasoline or diesel vehicle traveling in London (non-exempt resident owners included) from 7 to 18 pm on weekdays (for Paris, the driving ban applies from 8 to 20 h for older vehicles). Atmidnight incur a first increase will occur, which will become progressive over time.

Even the US official car carrying Obama official visit had been pinned by surveillance cameras for a fine. Foreign tourists, traveling in their own vehicle or a rental, have every interest in learning the rules carefully.

Starting next year, the basic toll will be worse for all non-electric vehiclesmade before2005.The Mayor of London has not already mentioned heavier fines for late payment, but this increase seems implied.

Other measures to fight against automobile pollution do not seem to be excluded.

Already, 230 European cities apply such devices and this number is expected to increase by major French cities willing to follow the example of Paris, in one way or another.