It is a rare phenomenon that a movie succeeds in influencing generations at a stretch and so much that the characters are used to display emotions during outrages in real world. Hollywood’s V for Vendetta is one such movie which resulted in anarchy becoming a support system of hope. The movie which is much darker and chaotic compared to other action films still remains a must watch for all movie buffs across the globe.

V for Vendetta has worked so mind numbingly because it is not just a run of the mill comic book adaptation, it is much more than that.

Though it was based on Alan Moore and David Lloyd’s comic book series of the same name, the movie creates a different magic on the silver screen and hence has creating a lasting impact on the minds of the viewers. The revolutionary speech scene from the movie still remains a favorite amongst all Hollywood fans.

Any protest against tyranny and you will find the Guy Fawkes mask somewhere around because it has become an almost synonym with the allegory of oppression by government and the rich and powerful. Hacker collective anonymous have been using the mask as a symbol of opposition for quite some time now which again proves how one character from one Hollywood movie has succeeded in creating a brand which stands for rebelling anything which suppresses masses and their good.

V for Vendetta is a path breaking movie not only for its lasting impact but also for opening doors for Hollywood classics like The Dark Knight, Fight Club, Bond movies featuring Craig. These movies were based on V for Vendetta’s ideology of reasoning the villain’s acts of abnormity in troubled childhood and his past.

Apart from V for Vendetta, Batman Begins is one such another movie which has really changed mindsets and perspectives.

So in a way Vendetta helped Hollywood create blockbusters through its own rebellious nature and in turn helped the audience find a voice when they wanted to be heard. With the current happenings and outrages across the globe these days, all it can be said is that Vendetta had probably guessed all of this beforehand.