The political drama, set in the United States changed the way we watch Television. Its 2013 premiere sent shockwaves around the world. In the three seasons since Netflix, the company that creates ‘House of Cards’ has collected a rock solid fan base, that continues to grow.

The Series, based on the BBC four-part-series of the same name, centres around Frank Underwood – justifies the means.” Brilliantly portrayed by former Old Vic Artistic Director, Kevin Spacey, Frank Underwood is the politician you love to hate.

The plot of the award-winning series by Beau Willimon spins around two key conflicts: Frank’s blatant Washington power struggle and the continuing tug-of-war with wife Claire (portrayed by the devilshly talented Robin Wright).

With the tumultuous, often violent, unprecedented behavior of the shows characters it is little wonder it keeps viewers hooked on its every utterance.

Election Year

The upcoming season’s plot is expected to focus on the continuing themes of politics and marriage. Frank Underwood must convince a skeptical American electorate that he’s the best man to lead the country, in his bid to become President. At the end of last season, Claire took steps to be seen as her own person, walking out from under the weight of her husband’s shadow, and out of the family home.

If you missed this year’s Golden Globe Awards when Netflix released a sneak preview of what to come, never fear, the promo is still available for viewing!

Watch Frank’s provocative speech for yourself. And good news for House of Cards fans: Netflix has announced the already announced a 5th season of the show, for 2017.

And when asked about the current state of the American political scene, and its inclusion of Donald Trump, Spacey didn't seem too concerned. In a conversation with Jackie Strause of the Hollywood Reporter, Spacey said, "The good news about our country, is no matter how crazy it gets and no matter how much fun we have and how insane it looks, we generally get it right in the end. We generally figure it out." Adding that he's "very hopeful."