Nicola Sturgeon appeared on Sky News speaking to Dermot Murnaghan about how important it was that the UK should stay in the European Union, particularly so for Scotland, as the Scottish economy, is dependent on the EU and many Scottish jobs are related to being in the EU as well, she said.

Nicola Sturgeon, who impressed people from all over the UK, not just Scotland, stated that she feels David Cameron is taking the UK to near the exit door of the EU.

She feels that the European Union does need reform but that reform should take place within the organisation itself.

Ms Sturgeon will be in Brussels to make her first ever address to the European Policy Centre in the EU capital.

Ms Sturgeon feels that the UK should not leave the EU unless the whole of the UK votes that way in the upcoming referendum at the end of 2017. Whilst in Brussels, Ms Sturgeon will want to make sure that there is a double lock on Scotland being forced to leave the EU, should the rest of the UK vote yes for leaving it.

The in/out referendum on the EU has become something of major debate ever since UKIP made it their main plank of policy. Certainly with Nigel Farage now back as leader of UKIP, he will want to do all he can to persuade the British voter that a yes vote would be in the UK's interest.

Labour for its part will want to stay in the EU and has only just come round to the idea of a referendum as espoused by Labour's favourite to win the leadership election in September: Andy Burnham.

Nicola Sturgeon stated on 'Murnaghan' on Sky News that 300,000 Scottish jobs depended on the European Union.

One of the areas where Ms Sturgeon disagrees with the EU and where it is in need of reform is its right to interfere in member nations like in Scotland about alcohol which is currently before the EU court.

The 56 Scottish MPs freshly elected to the British parliament at Westminster with, Alex Salmond in the throng, will not give the Conservative administration an easy ride whether it be about proposed welfare reforms or the vote in 2017 on the in/out referendum regarding the EU.