Stress is not just a six letter word; stress controls our lives in many ways. Let's face it, it's an unavoidable part of our life, no matter where you live on this planet, what you do or don't do and what you earn, you must have all experienced it in various forms.

A recent British survey revealed that women with lower wages, i.e. between €14,000 and €21,000 a year bottle up stress and are most likely to be anxious and depressed. This survey was conducted by the perfumers Neom Organics.

While we all agree that stress is omnipresent, what we don't do is act on it.

While we are all aware of our stressful lifestyles, we seldom do take conscious actions to combat it. This habit is a result of the fact that the effects of stress are so sublime that they go unnoticed in the beginning. Research has also proved that some amount of stress is necessary for us to reach our optimum performance, that a limited amount of stress is actually good for us.

What do successful people do to tackle stress? Most people think that those who do not have any kind of stress are successful, but the truth is that people who know how to address it in the correct manner become successful in their endeavours.

There are basically two ways to live, one assuming that your life is based on your actions while the other way is to believe that whatever happens is not affected by your actions.

Successful people are always those who are positive. A lot has been talked about positivity and one of the best ways to combat stress is to stay positive. A negative thought can do nothing but invite more stress.

Another thing successful people practice is progress, a movement ahead from where they currently are. Doesn't matter if the move is perfect, but it is always better than standing still.

Also caring about your own self before anyone else does is the best way to chuck off stress from your system, don't wait for someone else to care for you, start doing it and see the difference.

One more important aspect is focusing on the big picture rather than the small unwanted events that pop up and disrupt our peace.

Keep in mind your bigger goal and purpose in life, which will remind you that the bitter experiences are just a hurdle in your road to success. Also create a routine: it makes you disciplined and lesser stress seeps in when you have a routine which is focused on to achieving a bigger goal. Think healthy, stay healthy.

So let your hair down, enjoy the sunset and hop onto to this journey called life, enjoy the stress and watch it dwindle.