Hundreds of passionate photographers gathered in Hyderabad, Pakistan to rejuvenate the crumbling heritage in an event called 'Hyderabad Photo Walk'. The event was organised by the Pakistan US Alumni Network in collaboration with Lahooti, on May 30th.

The Hyderabad Photo Walk was a special endeavour by the young photographers of Hyderabad who strived to discover and capture the heritage sites of Hyderabad through their camera lenses. The photographers covered various sites, during this walk, including Pacca Qilla [Strong Fort] built around 1768, the streets of Hirabad with buildings dating back to the British rule, a Hindu Temple built in 1895 and the Kalhora tombs.

The President of the Pakistan US Alumni Network, Jamshoro Chapter, and Lahooti vice-president, Sana Khoja, explained the rationale behind this event to Blasting News UK. "Hyderabad is the historical capital of Sindh with several old and unique palaces and homes that were built centuries ago," Khoja explained. "But due to the lack of attention by the government, these heritage sites are mouldering and the youth of the city is too deprived to explore its own cultural sites."


Hyderabad is immensely rich in heritage but there seems to be a general apathy by the authorities, that don't cherish this heritage. The historical sites in Hyderabad are therefore disappearing or in a deplorable state.

An obvious example is Pacca Qilla, which is gradually disintegrating simply because of negligence.

With the architectural grandeur deteriorating there is a risk that the cultural wealth will follow. The great poet Faiz Ahmad Faiz emphasised the significance of heritage preservation by pointing out that culture provides an important incentive for national development.

Therefore cultural activity, in a developing nation, is one of the many ways to ensure socio-political activity and engagement, leading to the participation of the people in vital nation-building efforts. That seems to be what the youth has done with 'Hyderabad Photo Walk', taking a very significant step towards highlighting the important issue before the responsible authorities.

Such events organised by young people can positively transform heritage into a source of socio-economic development and have the power to show that the cultural heritage of Pakistan has the potential to become an important vehicle to accelerate the economic growth of the country.