An eight-month-old baby is fighting for his life in hospital after his Mom was killed in a car accident in Penge. Apparently, she was pushing the pram when a vehicle hit them. The Sun reports that the driver of the vehicle did stop at the scene. The incident happened about 8.00 PM Sunday, January 13th. Police officers and paramedics tried to save her life but the young woman in her 20s died at the scene.

Baby injured seriously

The little boy is reported by the BBC to be in a bad condition in a hospital. A police spokesman said, "The baby has been taken to a hospital.

His injuries have been assessed as life-threatening." This seems to not be anything to do with a terror attack as the driver is assisting the police with the investigation into the accident. They were not arrested or charged with anything as yet.

In the meantime, The Sun notes the police requested assistance with their investigation. "Any witnesses or anyone with any information is asked to call police on 101 or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111," they wrote. Apparently, the woman was crossing the road at the time of the collision, pushing the pram ahead of her.

Police asked people to stay clear of the scene where the mother died

The scene where the accident happened was tragic, and witnesses reported seeing a sheet being laid over the body of the mother.

Police asked for the public to stay clear of the horrific scene. In addition, some roads were closed so they could investigate the accident.

Police usually carefully document traffic accidents, especially when it involves any death or injury. This is in order to clarify the facts for any prosecution or to assist in the findings of an inquest.

Penge is a district in the London Borough of Bromley

Penge used to be sleepy little hamlet but in modern times, it is a busy area with some major road routes. The accident happened in Croydon Road, Penge. Another accident involving children and their guardians was reported in 2016. A ten-year-old boy and a relative died on Lennard Road SE20.

A 23-year-old man was arrested for driving dangerously after a collision when chased by police. The vehicle was stolen, the Independent UK noted at the time. The Sun reported that "at least three other children – including twin girls aged about seven – are thought to have been injured in the horrific smash."

The condition of the eight-month-old boy is not known presently, other than the boy is badly hurt. However, check back with Blasting Pop for updates on London news and Child Health.