France: Strasbourg shooting near Christmas Market, 5 top news clips on YouTube

The Strasbourg Christmas market is a popular annual event, but this year it was marred by shooting and death.


Strasbourg, France holds an annual Christmas Market which is touted as one of the best in Europe. But this year, on December 11, the joy of the festive season came to a terrible end. USA Today reported that a suspected terror attack saw the death of at least three people, with 11 injured after a shooting broke out near the market. The BBC mentioned as many as 12 injured, while others suggest 4 people died. Major news outlets from around the world carried coverage of the tragedy on YouTube. Here are five of the top reports coming in.


Wion News reports 4 people dead

Wion updated their news on YouTube with a clip that said as many as four people died. This was up from the original reports of two and three.


CBS Philly report the gunman got inside the security zone

CBS Philly went onto YouTube to explain that a gunman got inside the security zone despite the police presence.


CBS News report the killer in on the run

According to CBS News the killer is on the run even though the police did exchange fire with him.


ABC say it was a terror attack

While some outlets suggested the attack motivation is unknown, ABC News on YouTube described it as a terror attack. They confirmed the investigation will be on "an act of terror."


MSNBC reported the government told people to stay at home

When the news broke, MSNBC reported that the French Government "invited people to stay at home." The security situation was described as severe.

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