Donald Trump may be thinking about a full state visit to the UK in spring next year. The US Ambassador spoke to Channel 4 on "When Trump Came To Town: Inside The American Embassy." He hinted that the UK could possibly expect a full state visit by Trump in 2019. According to The Herald Scotland, in fact, Thompson intimated that the US president may return before that.

Thomspon said the efforts by everyone involved in organising the visit by Trump to the UK where he met the Queen, was a success with "flying colours."

Donald Trump visit predicted for Spring 2019

If Trump is planning a state visit, there is no word that this is on the UK government's agenda.

Thompson said, when asked about a return visit by Trump, that a "state visit next spring would be, I think, kind of, the next step on his visits." However, he did qualify that with some uncertainty by adding, "but he might visit before that, who knows?"

The question of if and when Donald Trump might visit seems to be a little bit up in the air. Given Trump's unpredictability, it could well be a fact that Thomspon is not exactly sure of any specific dates.

President Trump was criticized after his last visit for making faux pas

President Trump was trolled seriously on Twitter after his visit to the country earlier this month.

Although he was not required to bow to the Queen, he was roundly trounced for not doing so. He also became a bit confused about allowing the Queen to walk ahead, and at one stage turned his back on her. These were all considered fuel to the anti-Trump flames. There were large protests in London against Trump visiting the country.

Notably, the giant "Trump Baby" balloon floated for everyone to see.

Trump Baby balloon is set to appear in New Jersey soon.

The Trump Baby balloon is now set to fly in New Jersey

No matter when Trump does decide to visit the UK again, there are sure to be more demonstrations.

The UK government will need to plan well ahead to deal with any such incidents. During his last visit, extra police were brought in from other areas to keep the peace. The USA warned Americans in the country to keep a low profile and avoid confrontation with demonstrators.

Given that the UK is divided over their own problems with Brexit, the current government may not want to create more furore by considering a Trump state visit at this time. Added to that, the Metro UK reminded readers that on his last visit, Trump annoyed a lot of people by "saying Mrs. May had not taken his advice on Brexit." They added that "Mr. Trump heaped praise on the Prime Minister’s potential rival for Tory leader Boris Johnson."