When all of the kicking off about a potential official visit to the UK by the controversial US President Donald Trump began, Queen Elizabeth Ii was reported to have attempted the lighten the mood by telling the British public that if he were to make an official visit to Britain, then he’d have to come over to her palace for a meeting, and she bragged about having the legal authority to kill him with a sword if he did so.

A lot of people’s minds were eased by that, since the people who hate him could rest easy knowing that the Queen had threatened to murder him and would be getting away with it scot free.

But as it turns out, she does not actually have the legal authority to stab the leader of the free world to death with a sword. That doesn’t mean she won’t still do it, but if she does, she will have to face legal consequences for it. Still, maybe she doesn’t mind that. She is 92 years old now – how long would that prison sentence possibly be? And it would be a great way to go!

The original article was intended as satire

As it turns out, the original article that made this claim was published on The Daily Mash (which would go on to be adapted by the BBC into “The Mash Report”). They quoted the Queen as saying, “I haven’t made up my mind yet. I might.” But this was just a spoof that was intended to be a form of satire and not to be taken seriously.