London is the scene of a giant 25-foot statue of Jeff Goldblum. It is part of the 25th-anniversary celebrations of the first "Jurassic Park" movie. The dinosaur movie released in 1993 was a huge hit. Recently, the latest Jurassic Park movie, "Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom' screened to mixed reviews. Nevertheless, millions of people love the franchise, so no doubt the enormous statue will entertain many tourists to London.

Business Insider reported that the "Jurassic Park" hero, Jeff, is part of a "publicity stunt." They noted that "Now TV, a streaming service, placed this statue in honor of the 25th anniversary of "Jurassic Park."

Jeff Goldblum 'Jurassic Park' statue images

Images of the massive statue started to appear on Wednesday on social media.

Apparently, it was not widely known that the event would happen. Many tourists were amazed to see Jeff looking rather bare-chested and some photos were posted up for size comparison.

TV NOW tweeted that the hunky looking statue is going by the nickname of "Jurassic Jeff." Their tweet also said that it's to commemorate "one of the best moments in movie history." The statue was based off a scene from the original movie.

Twitter reactions to 'Jurassic Jeff' statue in London

Twitter reactions were mostly good. Some fans of the movie complained that London always gets the "best stuff." Commenter Jub2511 posted, "This is brilliant.

Though he kind of looks scary looking." Another user, @BeautyByAmber73 posted up, "Allll kinds of YUM!!!"

But according to the reactions on the IGN post about it, it seems there are equally some very unhappy people. There, @Diffabuh replied to IGN, saying, "This is the stuff of my nightmares.

It looks like his body's melting away because his soul left him."

Goldblum in the Jurassic franchise

Variety noted that Goldblum recently reprised his character for the latest installment in the “Jurassic” franchise, “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom,” starring Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard.

BD Wong also returned for both “Jurassic World” films as Dr. Henry Wu." He may be a popular actor, but many people over on Twitter thought that a giant dinosaur would have been more fitting.

London has its big actor statue this week. Not long ago they had a giant 'Trump Baby' balloon. It seems they like things big in London: Huge tunnels under the streets, huge marches, huge balloons and a huge barechested dino-hero.