Tory MP Lucy Allan has demanded a public enquiry into a decade's long child abuse scandal. Details emerged of alleged child abuse cases involving possibly thousands of young girls dating back to the late1980s.

The Sunday Mirror reported that the Assistant Chief Constable for West Mercia Police said more investigators will be assigned to cover horrific abuse cases.

Abuse victim Lucy Lowe was impregnated at the age of 14

According to The Sun, one girl named Lucy Lowe was sixteen-years-old when she was killed along with her sister and her mum after her "abuser Azhar Ali Mehmood, 26, set fire to their house." She had been made pregnant by him at just the age of 14.

It is alleged that many similar cases of child sexual abuse were reported to Social Workers, who were aware of a major paedophile network in Telford, from as far back the 1990's. However, the files allegedly indicate that the council staff preferred to just treat the girls who were trafficked, as prostitutes.

Teens forced into prostitution

One anonymous victim said that Lucy's killing was to scare the other girls into keeping quiet. She was gang-raped and drugged and later attempted suicide. She told the Mirror that she was afraid that her family would be killed, like Lucy's, and that she should kill herself to find safety in death.

Becky Watson was killed in an unexplained car accident when she was 13.

Later it was established she has been part of an "Asian grooming gang" since she was 11-years-old, according to the Mirror. She had kept a tragic dairy which told of how she was forced to sleep around," and how the police treated her as the criminal.

Becky had a friend who was abused by the same gang. Vicky Round was hooked by the gang on heroin and crack and later died of substance abuse.

Operation Chalise

In 2013 a police operation named Operation Chalice ended up with seven men being arrested. Among them were Mubarek Ali, 34, and his brother Ahdel Ali, 27 who were jailed for trafficking, sexual abuse, and prostitution of teenagers.

Fear of racism charges by authorities

There are allegations that two people were silenced, three were murdered and two more passed away in related tragedies.

There are even allegations that some authorities either did not keep details of the abusers or failed to act, as many of them were from the Asian community. Staff were afraid of being accused of racism.

Following allegations from victims that the sex abuse is still ongoing after nearly 40-years, Tory MP Lucy Allan has demanded a public enquiry into the decades-long child abuse scandal.