Two days ago, Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, gave birth to her third baby with her husband Prince William. The arrival of the new royal baby had been highly anticipated among the family, as well as the British media and the pro-monarchy general public. The new baby is a boy who has yet to be named (or at least have his name publicly disclosed by the family), and yesterday, both Kate and her child were discharged from St. Mary’s Hospital, where they were both met by a barrage of media coverage.

Now that Kate and the new baby are out of the hospital and have returned to their home at Kensington Palace, where they have been visited by many members of the family.

Some of them have released statements publicly in which they discussed how they feel about the arrival of the new child. Kate’s sister Pippa Middleton – who is reported to pregnant herself, with what will be her first child – was among the very first visitors to Kensington Palace after the baby made it home, where she met her tiny nephew for the first time.

prince charles of Wales has been reached for a response to the birth of the new royal baby, and he says that it is “a great joy” to have been granted yet another grandchild by Will and Kate. He also added that he is worried about “keep[ing] up” with his trio of energetic grandchildren. He said that he is “so pleased” that both the child and his mother made it through the birthing process safely and are back at home, safe and sound and perfectly happy.

The baby weighs in at 8lb 7ozs

The baby was born in the Lindo Wing at St. Mary’s Hospital two days ago in the morning hours at 11:10am, weighing in at eight pounds and seven ounces, according to the official Twitter account of Kensington Palace, who posted a later tweeted that said, “Welcome to the family.” All across the city of London, there have been a bunch of gun salutes to mark and celebrate the birth of the new little prince.

Clearly, people are happy about this baby’s arrival.

The birth of the baby was also celebrated by the ringing of a bell at Westminster Abbey, which is always done when the royal family is graced with a new child or some other important event. However, for all of this hype and celebration, the baby still does not have a name.

Official statements have said that the name of the child will be announced when the time feels right, but at the moment, the most important thing for them is making sure the baby is okay and simply celebrating the fact that he has been born and nothing has gone wrong.

Kate was taken into hospital as she went into labour at about 6:00am on Monday morning, where she spent about five hours in childbirth before the baby was born and the midwives called it (11:10am, to be exact), and the birth wasn’t announced to the news until the heat had died down – at about 1:00pm. Shortly after Kate came out of labour, the new prince’s brother and sister, Will and Kate’s first two kids, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, got to see their new sibling in the hospital on Monday, right after he was born.

Some royal family lovers had been camped outside the hospital for weeks

After the birth was announced on Monday, large crowds started to gather outside St. Mary’s Hospital to with Kate, Will, the new baby, and the family well. But some more dedicated fans of the royal family had been camped outside that hospital, anticipating the birth around Kate’s due date, for more than two weeks! That’s commitment. When the couple left the hospital, Prince William said that the family were happy and joked that being a dad was “thrice the worry now.” So, he’s just a regular dad like we are – he just happens to be mega rich, thanks to his family.