London experienced five seemly random Acid Attacks. In less than an hour and a half, paramedics attended multiple incidents where innocent people in the streets of London became victims of painful acid burns. One victim was described to have a life-changing injury from the acid, 7 News Australia reported. The BBC picked up the story and reported that "the attacks began at 22:25 BST on Thursday in Hackney Road."

Paramedics rushed to help the victims who were in terrible pain. Watch the video below.

London streets terrorised by two men on a moped

Police investigating the attacks were quoted by ITV News as saying that the reports consisted of two people on a moped riding around with a corrosive liquid.

The acid was flung into the faces of people, after which the vicious attackers sped away. One teenage male has since been arrested. The Metropolitan Police will fully investigate the incident, the BBC reported.

Twitter became the go-to source for updated information, and Londoners tweeted their fear of going outside.

One teenage male has been arrested for acid attacks in London

According to a report by the BBC which was updated following the arrest of at least one young male, "one 32-year-old man on a moped was left with facial injuries after a moped, with two male riders, pulled up alongside him in Hackney at about 22:25 BST." The two men on the moped threw acid in his face and stole his moped.

At that stage, there were two mopeds with young men on them.

Later, another victim was reported from the Islington area, followed by another two in Shoreditch high Street. Following a robbery in Cazenove Road, Stoke Newington, police discovered that yet again acid had been thrown at a victim.

Acid attacks are becoming common in London

In late June and early July, there were other acid attacks in the United Kingdom. At the time, a lot of people believed that Muslims were being targeted by right-leaning radicals. Back then, fear was already evident and many people started to label the acid attacks as terrorism.

On 7 July, Leading Britain's Conversation, a popular Twitter account noted that there have been over 80 acid attacks this year alone.

Speculation is mounting as there seems to be nobody addressing the rising problem. Other people noted that it is more common for Muslim women to suffer acid attacks, so the randomness of the recent attack seems to be unusual.

Sky News wrote that the police are treated all of the attacks as linked and have called for witnesses to come forward to assist with their investigations.