CCTV footage of Rasham Charles's death in Hackney posted on Twitter at 3:15 pm on Saturday has garnered intense criticism regarding the excessive force applied by a Metropolitan Police officer. The viral footage, heading the hashtag #justiceforRash, illustrates Charles writhing inside a police headlock. The short scene at a local Hackney shop is exacerbated with another man intervening and sitting on top of the victim. The disturbing video ultimately concludes with Charles completely lying still.

Police pursuit

Charles had been embroiled in a police pursuit across Kingsland Road, Hackney where officers had attempted to stop his car on Kingsland Road in the early hours of Saturday.

According to the Met Police, the man had been 'taken ill' though was soon pronounced dead in hospital. An investigation has been issued by the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC)

Scotland Yard stated the officer had "intervened" to prevent the man "harming himself", who was quickly transferred to the Royal London Hospital, where he was officially declared deceased at 02:55 today.

Black Lives Matter relations in the UK

2017 opened with widespread controversy and discord as a result of the tasering of 63-year-old race relations advisor, Judah Adunbi. In January, Mr Adunbi described the attack as 'distasteful' and criticised the 'difficult' treatment despite being a senior advisor to the Afro-Caribbean community and UK constabulary.

Mr Adunbi, a central figure in Bristol's Black Community, was tasered while attempting to enter his home and reiterated the necessity of 'asking questions' instead of acting with a detrimental rashness that can have damaging consequences for UK's race-relations.

Pending investigation

The IPCC will be accruing evidence from eyewitnesses present at the scene of the incident, and a post-mortem will be conducted to provide further evidence.

An IPCC spokesman has confirmed an 'object' was found inside the victim's throat. And subsequently removed. The subsequent and pending post-mortem examination will help uncover more pivotal and conclusive evidence to the case

Nonetheless, Charles's death will undeniably have irrevocable implications in increasing concerns and distrust towards the police.

Arguably, the most paramount lesson to be reinforced is that any police restrainment applied does not block the individual's airways and breathing signs; in addition to potential breaches of this basic prerogative to be treated accordingly.

Stand Up To Racism

The 'Stand Up to Racism' will be hosting a public vigil for Rashan Charles today at 6:30 pm in Stoke Newington. For more details check the link below.