Men prefer brunettes or blondes? Usually it is said that the weaker sex prefers to own these: of course not talking about beer, but to girls. Some would even claim that men prefer blondes because they are stupid - and then, perhaps, on a par with the IQ of the boys. A vulgar stereotype and abused, but now a scientific study has completely reversed. Blondes are smarter blackberries.

The study

The study was carried out by a group of researchers at Ohio State University and involving over 10,878 women, which has been rated the IQ. Blonde women - or at least those who have claimed to be the natural blond color of their hair - have been shown to have an IQ of 3 points higher than women blackberries, brown or red.

A study that might make people smile, of course, but in fact reverses a stereotype often found offensive and annoying. The stezzo Jay Zargosky, who led the study, blonde jokes mindless and all physical have important repercussions in the lives of these people: "Stereotypes have an impact on job recruitment, promotions and other social experiences. This study is important because it shows that there should be no discrimination against blondes on their intelligence."

Zargosky also tends to point out that the study does not want to define the blondes as more intelligent than the others, but simply confines itself to eradicating the common mentality one annoying stereotype and discriminatory. Research has in fact registered an IQ of 103.2 of blonde women against 102.7 of chestnut women, 101.2 women with red hair and 100.5 of women with hair blacks.Zargosky also states that there is no link between the blond hair and intelligence, but simply coincidence that girls with blonde hair are born into social structures and families most advantaged in terms of culture, and better educated.

Finally, in 1985, each had to show the natural color of their hair. To eliminate all prejudice based on racial and ethnic differences, scholars have eliminated African Americans and Hispanics from the analysis. Scholars explainthat it is not possible to establish a genetic relationship between hair color and intelligence, highlighting the findings could partly result from the fact that women monitored were very stimulated intellectually. However, this does not affect the result, although statistically the advantage of the blondes is not significant.