We obviously wear the underwear for hygienic reasons. Dr. Alyssa Dweck, a gynecologist at Mount Kisco Medical Group Westcher, in New York, said in her essay that it is important not to wear underwear at night. As the same Dr. Dweck responds, if the genital area is constantly covered, especially from non-breathable fabric as some briefs on the market, the humidity tends to be concentrated at a single point, thus creating a breeding ground for bacteria who so love abides in us.

The problem, however, does not differentiate between genders. "The boxers retain moisture and heat, and bacteria flourish in warm, moist environments", notes Brian Steixner, urologist Atlantic City, interviewed by a magazine.

What are we talking about? The habit of going to bed with panties. So sleep without any kind of underwear would help prevent fungal infections, especially in women, which are more subject to this problem; and even the doctor adds that more attention should make women in menopause or post-menopause which can unfortunately suffer from hot flashes and so, for them, it would be even more appropriate to go to sleep without underwear.

The study about the underwear at night

Some experiments have already shown that women who sleep without underwear incur less than in other pesky vaginal infections. For the research, women who routinely sleep with their underwear are more susceptible to bacterial infectionsthan those who does not use it.

And men? Even the males are not immune to the risks that lead slip in the genital area. In addition, sleep without underwear is also advisable for sperm health; in fact, the scrotum needs the right temperature to optimize the production of the latter.In the case of men, the "risk" is not so much in bacteria as the temperature reached.

According to this study, you must choose the right clothes to go to sleep, especially taking into account areas of the body. According Alyssa Dweck, we need to sleep without underwear and with no pajama bottoms. Why? Because we are likely to bacteria concentrations. This is the reason. Therefore, to avoid infections and other health problems, remember to leave the underwear before putting to bed.