The food detox that helps you lose weight that you need to include in the diet, they are important in the body's detoxification process. For exaggerates the sweet, eat large amounts of alcoholic drink or consume processed products causes the body is overwhelmed and can cause, among other ailments, weight gain and the intoxication of cells.

The diet became darling of the famous, and no wonder, since the menu, and perform a real housecleaning in the body, sending extra pounds far away. The food detox are those that support needed for detoxification of natural body systems.

They have properties that stimulate detoxification pathways, consisting of the process performed by the body in order to eliminate certain toxins, also known as xenobiotics. In the process, such substances which are not subject to excretion are changes in their chemical structure, which allow their elimination from the body via the urine or feces.

Better understanding: Toxins, which provide both the feeding and pollution, alcohol and some types of drugs are responsible for the swelling cumbersome and, consequently, increased weight. The condition is still with symptoms such as fatigue and low resistance. But do not worry: all this can be reversed by adopting a balanced diet, as well as inclusion of detox foods on the menu.

Do you wanna know?

Orange Bagasse: The ideal is to use the fruit as a whole, since it is in the pomace the largest source of fiber is found responsible for helping the bowel to work better, eliminating impurities. Orange is more than a source of vitamin C. When eaten with the bagasse, also helps in the proper functioning of the intestine and in controlling blood glucose and cholesterol.

In addition, the potassium present in the fruit is responsible for muscular contraction, which helps in maintaining the blood pressure.

Lemon: It is famous for its detoxifying power, the lime can also be utilized in full, since the shell comprises a substance called limonene, which has the ability to penetrate easily into the tissues and cells of the body, acting as a powerful solvent.

After sanitized, use grated zest in your recipes.

Pineapple: At the time that the stomach grief, can count on the pineapple. This is because a source of fruit bromelain, an enzyme capable of breaking the protein of the food. It also has good amount of soluble fiber, other allied digestive process.

Apple: A great choice for snacks, the apple is rich in fiber, which aids in weight loss process. The fruit is still remembered by others made. Also, the apple is rich in pectin, soluble fiber helps biliary cholesterol excretion, increasing the conversion of serum cholesterol in these acids, thus reducing hepatic and blood cholesterol levels. Antacid, food also activates the liver and dissolves the uric acid which retains the liquid in the body.

Watermelon: Watermelon concentrates a large amount of water, helping to quench and clean (with diuretic action) the body. Combined with the low calorie watermelon contributes to weight loss.

Melon: Just as watermelon, the melon has a high water content. Combined with the action of potassium and magnesium slightly laxative, it contributes to good intestinal functioning.

Kiwi: In addition to tasty, the fruit is rich in fiber and vitamin C in their country of origin (China), the kiwi is traditionally used in Medicine for the treatment of breast and stomach cancer. Furthermore, it is considered a powerful antioxidant against free radicals, preventing tumors.