According to the theory of the "savannah happiness", the happiness of intelligent peopleis inversely proportional to the amount of social interactions. Clearly speaking, who he has a high intelligence quotient likes to be alone. The human evolution and adaptation to changes in lifestyle have taken us over the centuries to change not only physically, but also - and perhaps above all - socially.

The research

According to the team of researchers at Kanazawa and Li, the authors of the study nowpublished in the British Journal of Psychology, evolution would have even led some individuals to be more sociable than others.

Specifically, researchers say that the most intelligent people tend to be less happy when you are having to socialize.

The more an individual is intelligent, the lower the level of satisfaction of life in case of frequent socializing with friends. This is the conclusion of their research. In reaching these affirmations, the scientists analyzed the responses of 15,000 participants aged between 18 and 28 years through a national survey. Following the data collected, in general happiness is found to be indirectly proportional to the population density of an environment and directly proportional to the number of social interactions with close friends.For smart people, however, the situation is different.

It would appear in fact that people with a high IQ are less happy when they are frequently forced to socialize with their friends.

How is it possible?

According to the researchers the Theory of Happiness Savannah, they create, could provide some answers. Scientists maintain that to affect our lives are not only the consequences of the situation that we are experiencing at the present, but also those experienced by our ancestors.

In short, in the past we needed the group to survive, but today the most intelligent people can rely on themselves and do not require forced relationships to be happy or to get what they want from life.

Who has greater intelligence and high and ambitious goals, in order to achieve its purpose is able to focus completely on it, preferring not to "waste time" socializing, and optimizing it to get to their destination as soon as possible, without distractions.