The Brexit shocked the United Kingdom and the world on 23rd June 2016, turned Britain into turmoil and created a lasting affect on Europe and the world. Although this is true with the appointment of Theresa May on 13th July 2016, things are starting to look up for a country which has been divided by opinion, media and beliefs.

Brexit affected everyone in the country in some way or another, whether you were planning a trip abroad, living abroad or thinking of moving abroad, each and everyone of us was effected in some way or another. The uncertainty of the country effected the pound sterlings exchange rate, in turn effecting everything we purchase, although this is true Britain is starting to get back on track withTheresa Mayat the helm.

Showing the country and the world that we are back with full force and Theresa showing that she means business shaking up the Cabinet and proving she's the right person for the job.

As someone who has working in France and Greece I saw the benefits of the open boarders and was on the side to remain in the EU, although I was disappointed when the country voted to leave the EU, for travelling I believe nothing immediately will change. It will take a while for Europe's boarders to be closed for us to work and take holidays in Europe visa free and even then once they do place restrictions I don't believe they will be strict. Remember Europeanswant to visit and work in Britain as much as the British want to visit and work in Europe so I don't see it becoming very difficult to obtain a work or holiday visa.

You should still take your European holidays and continue to work abroad.

Brexit has had a negative impact on the British Poundwhich is the only significant repercussion thats effecting us right now, the pound fell due to the countries uncertainty and remains at a low. I would hold off on buying currency unless you are travelling tomorrow as the appointment of Theresa May will bring back some certainty to the country and increase the value of the pound again in the near future.

In summary don't let the Brexit affect your decisions to work and take holidays abroad, the country will regain it's feet with the help of Theresa May. Britain will become great again.