The Royal Navy ship HMS Argyll has been shadowing Russian warships with a Lynx helicopter and other electronic devices as they sailed within 20 miles, off the coast of Kent. It would seem Mr Putin wants to keep his northern fleet prepared for battle, should the need arise. The Russian ships are sailing to the Atlantic to take part in anti-aircraft drills and anti-submarine warfare.

There is by all accounts, nothing unusual about Russian warships sailing through the Channel, but, it comes at a time when there are tensions between the West and Russia.

Most notably over Ukraine, where the West has inflicted sanctions because of Putin's support for Pro-Russian rebels battling the government forces in Kiev. Also the Russian annexation of the Crimean Peninsula which was part of the Ukraine, although Russia claims it was formerly Russian territory.

The Russian economy has been hit hard by western sanctions and obviously people's standard of living has fallen, and yet, support for their leader, Vladimir Putin remains solid.

There have been many cases in the recent past of Russian Bear bombers flying close and even into British airspace, where, RAF Typhoons have to shadow and intercept the Russian planes. Should any of this turn nasty, the Typhoon fighters are armed with the latest NATO missiles when you watch the videos released by the Russian air force or the RAF.

Going back to the Russian naval exercises in the Atlantic, Russian news agencies have reported that as many as 50 ships and subs will be taking part in the military operation. Whoever is Prime Minister after the general election will have to be strong and forthright, as Cameron and Obama have been in the face of such Russian intimidation.

Many pundits and political analysts have thought that Cameron and Obama have been weak in just imposing sanctions on Russian companies like Gazprom and not beefing up the military response. But in the Baltic, NATO navies and the Russian navy have been gathering a large presence there, so its not entirely true that Obama and Cameron with other leaders have only acted against Russia through sanctions.

There is certainly a new Cold War, but is it as bad as the previous one with the Soviet Union and is it just as serious, that remains to be seen.