Vacations can easily turn into a nightmare. This happened to Brian Nicol, aBritish tourist, who had a nightmarish holiday ending when he drowned in a luxuryvilla pool at Costa del Sol. Brian was 32 years old and had just arrived inSpain a few hours before the catastrophe took place.

As any set of friends would do, his friends tried desperatelyto drag him out of the pool but failed miserably leading to the unfortunate endof their trip. Brian was born inGlasgow, Scotland and would have never imagined this sad turn of events.

The paramedics arrived on the scene shortly after theincident which took place around 8.30 am in the morning, making the Eastermorning dreadful for all his loved ones.

They tried everything to revive himbut unfortunately Brian did not wake up. While reports claim that the preliminaryobservations suggest it’s a tragic accident, investigations are still on toconfirm the same. Officers are busy establishing the exact reason ofdrowning. No one at the villa where the incident happened was readyto speak about it on the Monday morning.

A team of forensic experts are expected to undertake adetailed examination on whether Brian suffered a blow on his head or digestionproblems which lead to the drowning. An investigating judge has also been put onthe case to look into the matter and to undertake routine judicialprobe.

When the news broke, a postmortem was still under process onthe Monday morning.

The group of friends had returned to the rented villa inthe posh neighborhood of Nueva Andalucia post a night out at Marbella and wereplanning to party around the pool where the incident took place.

Nueva Andalucia is a famous holiday spot for every well to doand luxury loving British individuals who want to have a good time.

The area also boasts a few highquality exclusive golf courses.

Simon Jordan also owns a holiday home in this luxuriousvicinity which is situated right in the middle of the Mediterranean and LaConcha Mountain.

May Brian’s soul rest in peace.