First of all, I have to confess. When I was 15 and on an extended holiday in the UK from Africa, I watched Jane Fonda, now 81, in “Barbarella” and “Girl on a Motorcycle.” Having aged myself and admitted to sneaking into a cinema underage, let’s take note of Fonda’s ageless beauty, as she becomes not only a great Hollywood actress, but also the oldest-ever cover star to appear on Vogue magazine. Let’s face it, she is just as beautiful now as she was way back then.

Fonda is also an ambassador for L’Oreal, and Vogue has partnered with the beauty brand to make the announcement that Jane will be gracing the cover of the renowned magazine’s May issue.

This is a special edition of the magazine and is being dubbed the “Non-Issue” as Vogue wishes to dismiss age as being a barrier which holds women back in life.

Vogue project and Jane Fonda

Edward Enninful is Vogue’s Editor-in-Chief for Britain and he said in a Vogue article that this particular issue is a very important project for the magazine. Enninful said he believes promoting diversity in the magazine has not been only about a person’s gender or ethnicity. He says diversity should be “across the board.”

The special edition features women over the age of 50 and Enningful says this “amazing array” goes to prove a person’s age should rather be a nuanced, intriguing and inspiring factor than the number of years could suggest.

Fonda is proud of her age

The Independent quotes part of Fonda’s interview with British Vogue, where she says she is proud of her age. She likes “being over the hill” as she has found another new landscape on the other side. Fonda says she is fond of age and is glad to have lived this long. She believes it is time for women to recognise their value.

Hollywood star’s battle with cancer

Fonda also opened up to Vogue about her ongoing battle with cancer. She said she’s had a lot of cancer, particularly skin cancer as she used to be a “sun-worshipper.” When she has the spare time, she often visits her skin doctor to get “things cut off.” Breast cancer has also been a problem and she underwent a lumpectomy in 2010 to remove a tumor.

There was also a cancerous growth on her lower lip that needed to be removed. Prior to the 2016 Golden Globe Awards, where she received a nomination for Best Supporting Actress in “Youth,” she had undergone a mastectomy. She pointed out that she wore a “strange white dress” with a lot of ruffles, which were to cover her bandages.

The “Non-Issue” issue of Vogue will be released on 5 April. However, the magazine has treated us to a couple of sneak peeks of the interview with Fonda by posting several Instagram photos which can be seen throughout this article.