A while back it was confirmed that popular British actor Andrew Lincoln would once again star as Rick Grimes in a trilogy of films related to the AMC zombie show. Now a third spin-off series in the popular “The Walking Dead” franchise is also officially set to go forward.

So far, there has been the first spin-off, “Fear the Walking Dead,” which wasn’t as popular at first, but is beginning to resemble the original show more and more, especially after Morgan (Lennie James) crossed over to that series. The same thing will reportedly happen to Austin Amelio’s character, Dwight, in the fifth season of “Fear the Walking Dead.” It is not yet confirmed if anyone from the original show will cross over to the newly planned zombie series and is probably too soon to tell.

Zombie TV trilogy

Even though ratings have dropped on the latest season of “The Walking Dead” (likely due to Lincoln leaving the show), Ed Carroll, Chief Operating Officer for AMC, confirmed the new spin-off series during a recent conference call with analysts and reporters. The Wrap quotes him as saying the new series is in “active development.”

However, Carroll did add that it is too soon for them to announce the premiere date or more details. They have, however, hired “creative people” who have already pitched story outlines and AMC feels very good about the new series’ development.

News about the zombie series expanding again is not new, as when AMC took on Scott Gimple, Czar of “The Walking Dead” content, it was because more TV series were planned down the line.

However, this is the first official confirmation of the development.

Andrew Lincoln and ‘The Walking Dead’ films

Up until now, expansion of the franchise has been slow, with only the announcement of the official project relating to a Film series, featuring Andrew Lincoln in his role as Rick Grimes. As that is a pretty huge project, AMC still needs to keep the action flowing for fans of “The Walking Dead,” which has been confirmed for a tenth season.

Season 10 is expected to premiere in October 2019.

According to NME, there is talk of a potential crossover between “Breaking Bad” and “The Walking Dead” in the works, although how they would go about that is unknown.

However, after showrunner Dave Erickson had said both shows were in the same universe, Seth Gilliam, the actor who plays Gabriel Stokes in the original series, also said the two shows could possibly cross paths. Zombie drug dealers, anyone?