With all the bad news out there, sometimes it’s best to relax and watch a great comedy. Netflix has two coming in March. First, there’s “After Life” with Ricky Gervais and then there’s “Turn Up Charlie” with none other than the stud, Idris Elba.

Both comedy series have completely different themes, but both look as though they are going to be great. Read more about these Netflix Original British comedies below.

Ricky Gervais in ‘After Life’

While the theme of the new Netflix comedy series might sound sad, nothing stays sad too long with comedian Ricky Gervais, who is renowned for coming up with thought-provoking concepts in his work.

Whether in a television series or as a stand-up comedian, he often hits the hard topics in life using his own, unique brand of comedy.

In the series, Tony (Gervais) has lost his wife, Lisa and his previously perfect life is falling apart around him. He feels lonely and depressed and even thinks about suicide, as life without her has become unbearable.

However, while Tony used to be a kind person, he decides to take revenge on the world for cruelly taking his wife from him. He now does and says whatever he wants, not worrying about the repercussions. He believes his new outlook on life to be similar to a superpower, but soon his friends decide to try and change him back to being a better person again.

After Life” hits Netflix on 8 March 2019. Watch the trailer below.

Idris Elba in ‘Turn Up Charlie’

Many of us remember Idris Elba as a dramatic actor in series like “Luther” and “The Wire.” Elba is showing his funny side in the new Netflix Original series “Turn Up Charlie.” As noted by TVLine, we’ll find out he has more talents besides dramatic acting and being gorgeous – he can also be very funny and he does actually know how to DJ.

As it turns out, Idris is a musician with the stage name DJ Big Driis and he’s even released several EPs and an album. Elba also put together a Christmas mixtape under the title “Merry DriisMas,” so he’s not far from his character in the new series, although there he is regrettably a failure.

As Charlie, he is struggling to pay the electricity bill, but finally believes he is getting the gig of a lifetime.

This happened when he is introduced to international sensation, Sara (Piper Perabo) by his friend, who is a movie star. However, instead of getting a great DJing gig, he is asked to become a full-time many to Sara’s daughter, Gabby (played by Frankie Hervey).

While obviously shocked at the job offer, Charlie takes it up but soon finds Gabby is a precocious little girl, who is not afraid to call him out over his flowery language. She does everything she can to challenge any efforts Charlie makes to placate her. “Turn Up Charlie” will be available for streaming on Netflix on 15 March 2019. Enjoy the trailer below.