Worldwide kings of Korean pop music, Bangtan Sonyeondan, better known as BTS, once again managed to set Twitter on fire. Only two days after the Twitterverse celebrated Suga's birthday with the #SugaDay hashtag, they are trending once again. This one is for a comeback which everyone is currently anticipating.

BTS tweets a hint and BigHit confirmation

What fired speculations was a BTS' tweet. A short twitter video on Suga's birthday shows four members, V, Jimin, Namjoon and Jin with blonde hair. Later, @BTS on Twitter uploaded a photo of Namjoon and Jimin taking a stroll.

This time, Jimin was wearing a bonnet that hides his hair completely, which many believe is a sign that the comeback will be much sooner than anyone expected.

The latest release of their commercials with Lotte and Hyundai, new books, "SaveMe" episodes, and world tours weren't enough for fans. However, after months of speculation, BigHit Entertainment finally confirmed a comeback. A short article by Koreaboo confirms BigHit finally announced that BTS is preparing an album and will reveal their comeback date soon.

Trending Worldwide

#BTSisComing is currently swinging as number one and two as trending topics on Twitter.

With over 432,000 tweets and more coming, the discussion continues to trend in full motion.

BTS fandom, known as ARMY, continues to discuss the comeback along with theories. Creative GIFs and captions on subjects such as Golden Maknae Jeon Jungkook coming back as a "Hyung" after TxT's debut. Other fans are already talking about being broke on tickets and merchandise, showing how humorous Army's are when it comes to their idols.

Other fans whose countries were not included in the Speak Yourself Tour tweeted about their hopes of BTS visiting their countries for another tour.


No BTS comeback celebration is complete without fan theories.

From the recent "SaveMe" webtoons, a Twitter user theorizes about how significant the date April 11 is due to its emphasis on "SaveMe." Other fans believe the comeback may take place much later, perhaps in May.

Kim Namjoon, BTS's leader and rapper, made a statement in the past of how 2019 is BTS's year. Not even a quarter of the year is done and they've already won awards. Their appearance at the 61st Grammy Awards, becoming the first Korean boyband to attend, was also an achievement. His words are definitely confirmed by how BTS is slaying the game this 2019.

Other than that, no one knows that much, adding mystery to everything.