Police in Mexico recently warned the public about a terrifying meme doing the rounds using the face of Michael Jackson. Similar to the “Momo” scares, the meme threatens to appear at 3 AM in a person’s bedroom, shouting the words “hee hee.”

The character is based on a sculpture made of Jackson following his death in 2009. The “Ayuwoki” name is reportedly based on a mispronunciation of lyrics from a Jackson song “Are you OK.” In the background, Jackson’s song “Smooth Criminal” can be heard playing.

Police in Sonora area warn the public

While the scary meme doesn’t directly threaten to hurt anyone, it could certainly cause anxiety and sleepless nights.

The Sonora Cybernetic Unit in Mexico tweeted to the effect that many people believe the Michael Jackson character to be some kind of ghost or demon from the Internet. However, they stressed there is nothing of the supernatural in this matter.

As noted by Newshub in New Zealand, the police’s Twitter statement went on to say that teenagers and kids are sharing the meme and believe it, mainly because it is trendy. However, they added that the meme could generate panic, anxiety or sleep issues. See the meme video below, but readers are warned that it is not suitable for sensitive people.

New meme comes a week after the ‘Momo’ scare

Just a week ago, the popular “Momo” meme, which showed an image created by the Japanese artist Keisuke Aiso, resurfaced, leading to schools warning parents.

The images apparently surfaced in the middle of popular children’s videos on YouTube, including Peppa Pig and Fortnite. The Momo character threatened injury to both viewers and parents. Last year Momo was in the headlines after a challenge surfaced telling participants to kill themselves. That challenge was later said to be a hoax.

Michael Jackson documentary

The “My Ghoul Jackson” meme appears just at the time when Michael Jackson is in the news relating to the new documentary “Leaving Neverland.” The documentary includes interviews with young men who claim that Jackson did sexually assault them when they were children aged 7 and 10. At the time they had no knowledge they were being abused.

They believed they were receiving and giving love to Jackson.

ABC notes that in the interview, the two men gave compelling and detailed descriptions of the acts they were each made to perform. One of the men, Wade Robson, described Jackson in the documentary as being one of the kindest people he knew, then added that he also sexually abused him for seven years.

Many radio stations and other music outlets are pulling Jackson’s music from their catalogs as a result of the documentary. The popular animated show "The Simpsons" also reportedly pulled their episode involving Jackson. Whether the latest headlines had an effect on the production of the “My Ghoul Jackson” meme is unknown, but its timing is perfect.