There is a new trend in Hindi cinema where producers and directors lay greater stress on content. One such Film released by Red Chilli entertainment, "Badla" turned out to be a hit at the box office.

The film has done well despite the release of "Captain Marvel" a blockbuster film during the same period. "Badla" has held its own and as per trade reports within 6 days of its release collected over Rs 40 crores (4.6 million GBP). The success of the film is a feather in the cap of the director Sujoy Ghosh who has made a name for himself. The film is visually appealing and the stars of the film Amitabh Bachchan and Taapsee Pannu put in a great performance.

It is no wonder that Amitabh Bachchan is recognized as the greatest Indian actor ever. NDTV has reported that even after 6 days the tempo of the film has not slowed down and continues to attract viewers.

Taapsee Pannu a relative newcomer has also done well and exudes sex appeal coupled with good acting. The film which is a copy of the Spanish film "The invisible guest" has been very well adapted to the Indian scenario. The film is produced by Red Chillies Entertainment which is owned partly by film star Shahrukh Khan whose last film "Zero" was a flop.


The success of this film is proof that with proper content movies will always succeed at the box office. This is perhaps the reason that some big blockbuster movies like "Thugs of Hindustan" failed at the box office, mainly because of poor content.

"Badla" deserves credit for success as it is competing along with the blockbuster Captain Marvel which has collected about Rs 50 crores (5.46 million GBP) during the same period. The Times of India has reported that the success of the film is due to excellent adaption like the adaption of "The Talisman."

Amitabh and Pannu

The duo of Amitabh and Pannu had earlier acted together in "Pink" which again was a success at the box office.

Amitabh Bachchan has now become a legend in the Indian Film Industry and even at the age of 75 is simply irresistible. Taapsee Pannu is a Jatt Sikh girl from Delhi and puts in a commendable performance. She matches the performance of Amitabh Bachchan and the scenes between the two show her to be a versatile actress. Taapsee Pannu looks like heading towards higher realms of stardom.

The film

The film is a revenge drama and most of the scenes have been shot in one room with flashback shots of the love affair of the heroine. They keep the audience glued to their seats and all credit to the director and the editor who have produced such a polished product. The movie can give any Hollywood thriller a run for its money. There is an interesting role played by Amrita Singh also but the success of the film is mainly due to being an excellent adaptation of the Spanish version of the film to the Indian audience.

Themes involving revenge, sex, and murder always have an audience but presentation and direction are the keys to success.