Constant Readers rejoice, as Stephen King announces the publication of an upcoming new book, “The Institute”. He posted the news on his official website on Thursday, noting that the book will head to bookshelves and kindles on 10th of September this year.

The story is in the spirit of two other King novels, “Firestarter” and “It” with a touch of “Dr. Sleep”. It involves a group of specially talented children locked in a sinister facility called “The Institute”. Some have talents such as telepathy, others have telekinesis.

Other Stephen King books featuring kids with special talents

For those who haven't read the previous Books, the new book is being compared to “It” and “Firestarter” by the Independent, but is also similar to the newer novel “Dr. Sleep”. In “It” a group of kids investigates the mystery of the terrifying Pennywise the Clown. In “Firestarter" a young girl who, when under stress, can start fires with her mind, is wanted by a secret government organisation called only The Shop.

“Dr. Sleep” tells the story of the adult Danny Torrance from “The Shining” who discovers a young girl, Abra Stone, with the same talent, known as the shine, a form of telepathy.

They are pursued by terrifying creatures led by Rose the Hat, who look like retirees in RVs, but who are almost immortal, as they farm the shine from children like Abra, causing an agonising death.

“It” has been adapted twice. Once in 1986 and again in 2017 and stars Bill Skarsgård and Finn Wolfhard. “It Chapter 2” is already in production, while a Film based on “Dr.

Sleep” is also coming soon. No doubt the new novel will feature as a film in the coming years.

‘The Institute' and talented kids

In the new novel, “The Institute”, the story revolves around a group of children who have been shut up in a sinister facility due to their talents.

King announced the forthcoming title on his website on Thursday. "The Institute" will come out on the 10th of September. A synopsis of the novel says Luke Ellis, the protagonist in the story, is kidnapped after his parents are murdered and he wakes up in a terrifying place which looks like his own bedroom but it has no window to the outside world.

Luke soon meets the other children in the facility, Iris, Avery, Nick, George, and Kalisha, who tell him in true “Hotel California” style that the institute is where you check in, but you don’t ever check out again.

Scientists in the facility do all they can to extract the supernatural powers of the children, while Luke tries his best to escape from the place, which is something no one else has ever managed to do.

As a reminder, “The Institute” is set to be released on the 10th of September 2019.