Johnny Flynn is set to play the role of David Bowie in the upcoming Film, “Stardust.” Marc Maron and Jena Malone (“The Hunger Games”) also have roles in the film from Salon Pictures.

The film follows the rise of Bowie, starting during his first visit to the USA in 1971, which inspired his iconic alter ego, Ziggy Stardust. As reported by the Hollywood Reporter, the film will be directed by Emmy award winner Gabriel Range (“I am Slave”) and the script is by Christopher Bell (“The Last Czars”). Filming is planned to begin in June this year.

The film does not have the blessing of Bowie's family, according to tweets by son Duncan Jones.

He made his own suggestions as to who should direct and write the script.

Johnny Flynn as Ziggy Stardust

The storyline of “Stardust” will be set in the early 1970s, with Flynn playing David Bowie and Mark Maron playing the role of Bowie’s publicist. Jena Malone will play Bowie’s first wife Angie, mother of Jones.

Normally someone playing the role of a famous person resembles that star in some way, but from online images, Flynn looks nothing like Bowie. In a response to the tweet below, Tilly Swing suggested Tilda Swinton for the role.

Besides his future work on the Bowie biopic, Flynn is known for his role in the Netflix series “Lovesick,” as well as a National Geographic series “Genius” where he starred as a young Albert Einstein.

He is currently in an Amazon series “Vanity Fair” and will be starring in an upcoming adaptation of Jane Austen’s novel “Emma.” Flynn has also had a stage career and appeared in both New York and London in the play “Hangmen.” He is currently appearing in the West End with Kit Harington in “True West.”

David Bowie’s son bashes the upcoming ‘Stardust’

Pitchfork notes that Duncan Jones, filmmaker and son of Bowie, said the new film does not have the blessing of the family.

Jones also went on to dispute a media report that said the movie will feature performances by his iconic father and his Music. Jones tweeted to tell fans if they want to watch a biopic which doesn’t have Bowie’s music or the blessing of his family, then it’s up to the audience.

It seems Jones has other ideas as to who should direct and write a biopic about his famous father.

He later sent a tweet to author Neil Gaiman and Peter Ramsay, who directed “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse,” suggesting if they should pitch a film using Bowie as a character, he would then urge everyone to pay attention and to give that pitch “serious consideration.”

Ramsay responded to say he wasn’t worthy of such a film, to which Jones replied that he had “choices upon choices,” asking him to consider it Jones said Ramsay could make something as special as that accomplished with the “Spider-Man” film. Gaiman then came back to Jones, telling him he is the best and thanking him.