The 34th Razzie nominations have been revealed, one day prior to the Oscar nominations and Hollywood actors have found out who is among the Golden Raspberries this year. Categories include worst actor, actress and picture.

As noted by Mashable, couples like Johnny Depp and ex-wife Amber Heard are among the Golden Raspberries nominees, along with US President Donald Trump and Melania Trump. Dame Helen Mirren may have won an Oscar before, but now has her very first Razzie nomination along with another former couple, John Travolta and Kelly Preston.

Actors ‘honoured’ with Razzie nominations

John Travolta and Kelly Preston receive a nomination each for the mob drama FilmGotti,” a film that has earned six nominations in total, including worst screen combo and worst picture. Travolta’s role as the mob boss John Gotti led to a New York Post critic saying they would rather wake next to a severed head than watch “Gotti” again. Preston, Travolta’s ex-wife, played the role of the daughter, Victoria.

Worst actor and actress in the Golden Raspberries

Johnny Depp and former wife Amber Heard received their worst actor and worst actress nominations for the films “Sherlock Gnomes” and “London Fields.”

It seems Sherlock Holmes isn’t doing well generally this year, with the rehash movie “Holmes and Watson” snagging six nominations, including Will Ferrell as worst actor and John C.

Reilly as worst-supporting actor. This is rather sad for Reilly, as he did get great reviews for his role as Oliver Hardy in the recent film “Stan & Ollie.”

Melissa McCarthy is also having a mixed reception this year, as while she may have a chance of an Oscar nomination for her role as Lee Israel in “Can You Ever Forgive Me?” she has also received a Razzie nomination for both the films “Life of the Party” and “The Happytime Murders.”

Other films vying for Razzie awards

Among other movies receiving six nominations are the crime drama “The Happytime Murders.” The documentary “Death of a Nation” is also being “honoured” with a Razzie nomination, in which the Democratic Party in the US is compared to Nazis.

First US President to receive a Razzie nomination

US President Donald Trump certainly won’t be winning any popularity awards any time soon.

However, he has received a Razzie award. While not really an actor, it turns out he has been in films this year. He has been nominated for a worst actor award for playing himself in “Death of a Nation.” However, he also appeared in filmmaker Michael Moore’s documentary “Fahrenheit 11/9.” Trump has also been nominated in two categories – he got the nomination of Worst Screen Combo together with “his self-perpetuating pettiness.”

As reported by the Coventry Telegraph, Trump is not alone in the White House for receiving the Razzie nominations and his counsellor, Kellyanne Conway and his wife, Melania Trump have also received Razzie nominations as worst supporting actress for playing themselves in Moore’s “Fahrenheit 11/9.”

Good luck to all the nominees – may you lose at the final Golden Raspberry awards, due to be announced on 23 February.