You” is a series that has recently been added to Netflix and is becoming a favourite in the streaming stakes. Many people have already binge-watched season one of the series and some are taking to Twitter to idolise Penn Badgley (“Gossip Girl”), the actor who plays Joe Goldberg in the show.

While he is obviously attractive, Badgley's character is a bookshop manager, who is also a creepy stalker and serial killer on the side. This is not your average desire when it comes to men, but tell that to the fans who want him to kidnap them and take them into his basement.

‘You’ and the stalker guy

Uproxx reports that “You” was originally aired on the US Lifetime channel and didn’t get much love. However, now the show has started streaming on Netflix, it is attracting a whole different audience. Basically, the warning we should all get from the series is how public our information is on social media. The information can be harvested and used by a bad guy in a myriad of ways.

Spoiler alert: Anyone that has already binge-watched “You” will know that the character Joe Goldberg stalks, charms, gets and eventually kills his girlfriend. Said unlucky girlfriend is Guinevere Beck, played by Elizabeth Lail.

Interesting to note, “You” is based on the novel of the same name by Caroline Kepnes, a book that Uproxx claims terrified horror author Stephen King.

You get the drift. This is scary stuff and yet women still want the psychopathic, sociopathic stalker-cum-serial killer to kidnap them.

Cosmopolitan quotes one Twitter user who said @PennBadgley was breaking her heart again in the role of Joe. She went on to ask what it is about Penn that gets her. Badgley ironically replied with a tweet saying “A: He is a murderer.”

Badgley did admit that the crazy Twitter feedback he is receiving will be handy when filming season two of “You.” He responded to another Twitter user saying the love and lust he is getting is all the motivation he needs for the second season, which Netflix has already confirmed is in the works.

Step into my sound-proof glass cage

The first season of “You” on Netflix features the unfortunate Beck entering the bookshop where Joe works. Beck is an ambitious poet and writer who eventually falls for Joe’s ploys.

However, once she finally catches on what he is all about, she ends up in a sound-proof glass cage he keeps handy in the shop’s basement. This is definitely not the average girl’s idea of a healthy, romantic relationship, so fans really should stop fantasising over his character.

Fancy Penn Badgley as a gorgeous person, yes, but stop asking Joe to kidnap you. That’s just asking for trouble. Watch the trailer for “You” below.