Yesterday saw the release of the first trailer for Marvel’s “Spider-Man: Far From Home,” along with a poster for the movie. It seems like Peter Parker is on holiday in Europe with his pals leading to speculation that the film is all about Brexit more than Spider-Man.

As noted by Indy100, the release of the trailer and poster came at a time when the House of Commons was about to make a crucial vote which will alter Britain’s history forever. Their reporter wonders if the Film was released to cheer us out of our collective misery over Brexit [VIDEO] and give us a little hope and joy.

Spider-Man heads out for a European break

Peter Parker arrives in Europe with his friends, exploring Venice and generally having a great time. However, Nick Fury, the boss of SHIELD arrives on the scene, which tends to put an edge on Peter’s trip. This leads to Parker heading to London, where he battles the forces of evil on one of the capital’s most iconic sights – Tower Bridge, and other recognisable London locations. This is probably what got people thinking the whole movie was about Brexit.

Also, Parker’s past soon catches up with him and he finds himself in a battle with Mysterio, played by Jake Gyllenhaal. Gyllenhaal is generally good in everything he stars in and it looks like in this case, he may be teaming up with Peter after initial reports were that he would be the main baddie in the film.

NME reports that Gyllenhaal confirmed his addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe last year while making his first Instagram post. In it, Jake said he had just realised he wasn’t playing Spider-Man.

The post included a video clip of Gyllenhaal reading an issue of “The Amazing Spider-Man” comic books which stated on the cover that the story included the return of a man named Mysterio.

Jake exclaimed “What the f***” as he finally looked over the comic book. Enjoy the trailer here.

Twitter alive with posts after trailer of 'Spider-Man: Far From Home' drops

Getting back to the talk about Spider-Man and Brexit, soon after the trailer was dropped and excitement began, Twitter also got a tad busy. Some of the best reactions are included here.

Twitter user Rob DenBleyker‏ wrote that he can’t wait for the version of this particular scene to show Peter “Spider-Man” Parker reattaching the UK to Europe.

Cam Williams also piped up on Twitter to ask if the new "Spider-Man" film will be the first-ever Marvel Brexit film.

Rob Jefferies captioned his Twitter post by renaming the film "Spider-Man: Brexit Or No Brexit."

Comic Jester commented to say it was cool that Marvel and Sony had incorporated Brexit in the new film, posting an image of the iconic Tower Bridge.

Alex Leadbetter commented that the "Spider-Man" trailer had become a political cartoon about Brexit, also including an image of Tower Bridge.

The good news is Marvel announced the movie will be coming out this summer, Brexit or no Brexit.