The Final Wish” is a horror film which is based on the story of the same name by the co-writer of the Film, Jeffrey Reddick (“Final Destination”). Just watching the trailer is enough to give one the heebie-jeebies, so we can only imagine how terrifying the full film is likely to be.

Den of Geek notes how actress Lin Shaye (“Insidious”) as Kate Hammond delivers a “roller-coaster” performance as the mother, after her son Aaron Hammond (played by Michael Welch), who is a struggling lawyer, returns home following the death of his father, to help sort through his things.

Along the way, he finds some unusual objects and brings them out to air, so to speak, leading to terrifying consequences.

Horror comes true with ‘The Final Wish’

As reported by Deadline last month, the film premiered last year at the Los Angeles Screamfest Horror Film Festival. The film combines both terror and blood, as it draws on some reliable horror movie staples. However, it also delivers a new direction which leads to even more scares. Any more “mature” readers who are fond of Bobby Darin might literally change their tune after viewing even the trailer, let alone the full movie.

The late father was an antique collector who had many fascinating objects in his collection of antiquities.

When the son returned home, he found he was having a run of good luck, which is great, but he couldn’t quite shake the impression there was something a little sinister behind it all. There was.

Terrifying object grants wishes but takes souls too

While going through his late father’s possessions on behalf of his grief-stricken mother, Aaron finds a mysterious object which has the ability to fulfill wishes, however, in return for said wishes, the object steals a person’s soul.

As said before, be careful what you wish for, as the object does just that, but with horrifying consequences. In the trailer below, viewers can see a tense dynamic between mother and son, where Lin Shaye makes possibly one of her best, scary and most memorable performances of her horror-acting career.

Other actors in the film include Tony Todd as Colin, Melissa Bolona as Lisa and Spencer Locke (“Insidious”) as Lynette.

There will be a one-night-only screening of “The Final Wish” on 24 January in the USA, including an introduction recorded by Shaye and a Q&A with the crew and cast. There is no news as yet as to when the film will premiere in UK cinemas, but keep watching this space for further news.