Small budget Hindi films released last week have done well at the box-office. The films "Uri" and " The Accidental Prime Minister" which had favourable releases have turned in a decent performance at the box office. Considering that both these films were nowhere near the colossal budget of films like "Thugs of Hindostan" their performance at the box office can be termed encouraging.

"Uri" has turned out to be the bigger hit but "The Accidental Prime Minister" has not done badly. The box has reported that on Monday the Film "Uri", managed to rake in Rs 10.51 crores and this means that since it was released four days back, the film has collected Rs 46.24 crores (5.3 million pounds) at the box office.

Surgical strike and 'Uri'

"Uri" delineates the story of the famous "surgical strike" inside Pakistan territory in Pakistan occupied Kashmir last year. The operation was supposed to be a success, but its result is not felt as Pakistan continues to foment terror acts in the Kashmir valley.

In contrast, the biographical drama on former Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had mixed reviews, but all critics praised the role of Anupam Kher and Akshaye Khanna.

The film has not done as much business as Uri, but it has in four days collected a decent Rs 20.5 crores (2.1 million GBP). The Mint has reported that both the films can be termed as political films and have done well on their opening.

2019 election effect

2019 is the election year as India will be facing a general election, and the BJP is on its tenterhooks whether it will retain power or not against a concerted challenge mounted by the opposition parties led by the Congress.

Both these films look at events from the angle of the BJP and bring out the ruling party in a favourable light.

The aim is to highlight the "good work" done by the BJP. The film "Uri" glorifies an event that does not deserve even a footnote in history, while the film "The Accidental Prime Minister" shows the Nehru-Gandhi family in poor light.

Another film that has made a big splash at the box-office is "Simmba" starring Ranveer Singh in which he roared like a lion. It's a big hit and till date has collected over Rs 223 crores (24.4 million GBP). Bollywood will be happy at the success of these films.

Politically charged atmosphere

The atmosphere in Bollywood is politically charged. A set of Muslim actors like Naseeruddin Shah are raged against the BJP, claiming it represents only Hindus and is vitiating the atmosphere, but there are many like Anupam Kher, Akshay Kumar and even Amitabh Bachchan who favour the ruling combine led by the BJP. Unfortunately, Bollywood is polarized on religious lines. All the same, the success of "Uri" and "The Accidental Prime Minister", though political films have given Bollywood a lot to cheer.