As noted by Vox, many people in Britain are demanding an official investigation into the 2016 Brexit Leave campaign. They’ve ended up getting an HBO drama, titled “Brexit,” instead. Ironically, Benedict Cumberbatch, who plays Leave campaign manager, Dominic Cummings, is in real life is a very vocal Remainer, but in this Film, he is balding and plays the other side of the story.

The film will feature on Channel TV, while in the US it will be available on HBO, with the US getting first dibs at watching the film, as no release date has yet been released for the UK.

First trailer for ‘Brexit’

In the teaser trailer for the film, released on 14 December, we see a very different Benedict Cumberbatch from his “Sherlock” days, as he plays the balding Dominic Cummings, campaign manager for the Leave side of Brexit.

The film focuses on the political campaign held during the Brexit/EU referendum and features all the many tactics the Leave campaign employed to swing the votes in what turned out to be the most surprising referendum results ever in Britain. We even see Cumberbatch’s character standing in front of the controversial bus, which promised extra funding for the NHS should Britain leave the UK.

As noted above, Cumberbatch was very much on the Remain side of the scale during and since the Brexit referendum. The Independent notes that he was among the 300 musicians, actors, artists and writers who signed an open letter supporting the UK staying in the EU.

The film was directed by Toby Haynes, who has been involved in “Black Mirror,” “Doctor Who” and Cumberbatch’s “Sherlock.” Producers are teasing the movie as being an “explosive and illuminating” Brexit thriller, exploring the “anatomy of a modern, data-driven election campaign,” as well as the divisive figures behind it

The stars of ‘Brexit’

Other well-known stars include Rory Kinnear in the role of Craig Oliver, David Cameron’s communications director in the Remain campaign.

Political lobbyist Matthew Elliott is played by John Heffernan (“The Crown”). Liz White is in the role of Cumming’s wife, Mary Wakefield.

Kyle Soller (“Poldark”) plays Zack Massingham, head of a data tech company grabbing voters via social media.

Richard Goulding plays a very convincing Boris Johnson, blonde mop and all, while Oliver Maltman (“The Crown”) is in the role of Michael Gove. UKIP’s hugely vocal Nigel Farage is played by Paul Ryan (“The Five”).

Brexit” will begin airing on HBO in the US on 19 January 2019, but no air date has as yet been announced for the UK, where it will premiere on Channel 4.

Watch the teaser trailer for “Brexit,” included below.