Port Talbot in the south of Wales has been honoured with the latest Banksy mural, appropriately named “Season’s Greetings.” When the mural first appeared, residents thought it might be by the secretive artist and after Banksy posted a video to his official Instagram account on Wednesday with a close-up of his work, it is now officially confirmed. An image of the painting has also been uploaded to Banksy’s official website.

The Banksy mural spreads over two sides of a garage wall in the Taibach area of Port Talbot and shows a child catching the snowflakes on his tongue and with a sled by his side, while the other side of the story is a fire, pouring black ash and smoke into the air.

Comment on the steelworks in town

Many believe the fire and black ash refer to the dust emitted by the steelworks in the town, which in July started covering cars and houses. Banksy's video, below, zooms out to show the steelworks in the background.

Speaking to the BBC, Ian Lewis, the owner of the garage in question, said when he first saw the mural, he didn’t initially think much about it. He said he knew a little about Banksy, but never dreamed this could be his work. Now he knows it is, Lewis says he is pleased, adding that the mural is a “smashing bit of artwork.” He said it is good for their town and he wants to protect the work as it is there for everyone.

A garage owner hasn’t slept since seeing the Banksy painting

Wales Online reports that Lewis hasn’t slept in the two days since the mural appeared. Hundreds of people have visited the garage in Richmond Terrace since it appeared and he is worried it might be defaced or damaged.

Currently, it is unknown how much the artwork is worth, but after the “Girl with Balloon” incident, where a painting by Banksy self-destructed in a Sotheby’s auction house and still sold for £1m and million despite the shredded tatters, it is sure to be a lot.

A metal fence has been erected in an attempt to keep people from touching the artwork. Images are being shared widely on social media since the painting appeared with many speculating over its meaning and worth.

According to ITV News, another local resident is actively fundraising to protect the valuable painting.

Rachel Honey-Jones lives in the Margam area of the town and fears the fence erected by the council might not be enough to protect the Banksy mural from vandalism. According to a tweet, Honey-Jones believes she saw the real Banksy at the site of the painting and included an image of a man wearing a hoodie.