Andrew Lincoln recently said that it’s not the end for his character Rick Grimes in “The Walking Dead” franchise. Lincoln fans will be thrilled to know that his character will be returning in three made for TV movies in the “TWD” franchise.

As noted by Digital Spy, Lincoln’s character has been with the show right from its beginnings in 2010 and many believe “The Walking Dead” won’t be the same without him. Scott Gimple used to be the showrunner for “TWD” but has recently been promoted as head of the series franchise. He recently confirmed there is more to tell about Rick Grimes and they will be telling the story.

Fate of Rick Grimes is three made-for-TV movies

Gimple confirmed that the franchise will have a larger budget for the three movies than for regular episodes. He said the leaving of Rick Grimes from the AMC TV series will herald several new scripted projects focusing on several old and new characters within “The Walking Dead” universe.

Gimple said Rick’s story will continue in the films and they are right now working on three, adding that there is “flexibility in that.” He said that over the coming years they will be producing specials, including high-quality digital content, some of which “defies description” right now.

Gimple went on to say they are doing to dig into the show’s past to see old characters. They are also planning to introduce new characters to the "TWD" franchise in “new situations.”

Andrew Lincoln’s character was to be killed off in season 8

Lincoln revealed to The Hollywood Reporter that originally it was planned for his character to be killed off in season 8, but that all changed when Gimple chose to kill off Grimes’ son Carl (Chandler Riggs).

Lincoln said he had even filmed a death scene, which producers decided to scrap and keep his character up until season 9.

At that time, Lincoln said on “Talking Dead” that it wasn’t the beginning of the end, but rather the end of the beginning. He was excited to explore “TWD” universe away from characters he has been surrounded by for the nine years the show has been running.

Meanwhile, Gimple went on to say that Lincoln’s character in the show is “amazing,” adding that Andrew has also performed amazingly in the role. He said along the way, story ideas had been brewing which are compatible with carrying on the Grimes story in a different format. Film production is expected to take only two months each year. This would allow Lincoln time with his family, which was his main reasoning for leaving the show. Travel backward and forward from the US to the UK to be with his family was just too trying.