After a chase, police in South Ockendon, Essex, discovered a baseball bat, covered in barbed wire and similar to that used by Negan in “The Walking Dead,” in the abandoned car. There was also a variety of other weapons in the vehicle.

PC Paul Glensman tweeted an image of the “nasty items,” leading to an immediate response from Jeffrey Dean Morgan, the actor who plays Negan in the show. He confirmed he was still in Georgia, USA at the time of the find.

Police chase leads to discovery of weapons

Police found the barbed wire covered bat in the abandoned vehicle after the driver of the car failed to stop for their officers.

Other items found in the car included knives and a poker. What caught PC Glensman eye, however, was the baseball bat, which closely resembles that used by Negan, the leader of the Saviors in “The Walking Dead.”

As reported by the BBC, Glensman’s tweet said the car had failed to stop for himself and PC Britton in South Ockendon. He said sadly the suspects managed to get away, but they did abandon the vehicle with “some nasty items” inside it.

He then included Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Twitter handle in the tweet, saying one item looked like his character’s baseball bat, Lucille. Glensman then tweeted that at least the weapons were taken off the streets and that enquiries were ongoing.

In the first response to the tweet, Morgan said he was in Georgia, USA.

Glensman then thanked Morgan for his response, saying he would be eliminated from their enquiries.

‘The Walking Dead’ and Lucille

In the AMC zombie horror show, Morgan plays the villain Negan, who uses his barbed wire coated baseball bad to threaten and kill human survivors of the apocalypse.

In the seventh season of the show, Negan revealed that his baseball bat was named for his dead wife, Lucille.

The AMC show “The Walking Dead,” which is now in its ninth season, is aired on Fox TV in the UK. The series is based on comic books written by showrunner Robert Kirkman.

Stars and their responses on Twitter

Morgan is not the first famous actor to respond to UK police regarding crimes. Recently David Schwimmer of the popular TV comedy “Friends,” recently responded on Twitter after seeing images of a thief who looked uncannily like the actor, in the process of stealing beer from a UK restaurant. He hilariously made a video of himself “stealing beer” from a New York supermarket to clear his name. Police later identified Schwimmer’s doppelganger.