As climate change, global warming and the actions of man destroy our planet at an increasing rate, Sir David Attenborough is to narrate a new, eight-part documentary series on Netflix. Attenborough claims viewers will be taken on a “spectacular journey” through 50 countries in all the continents of this fragile world.

The Netflix documentary series “Our Planet” took four years to Film using 4k camera technology and will premiere on the streaming platform on 5 April 2019.

‘Our Planet,’ a ‘spectacular journey’ through our world

Broadcaster and naturalist Sir David Attenborough is well known for his dulcet tones and the many spectacular wildlife and nature documentaries filmed over the years.

His new project is heading to Netflix in April 2019 and is set to take viewers on a “spectacular journey” through the natural world. The show is set to reveal the most fragile habitats on Earth and the various animal species. The documentary series will be streamed on Netflix in more than 190 countries.

The streaming platform described “Our Planet” as one of their most “ambitious” undertakings. The documentary series is backed by Alastair Fothergill’s Silverback Films (“Planet Earth” and “Blue Planet”) and the WWF conservation organisation

Attenborough, 92, spoke at the WWF “State of the Planet Address” event in London recently, explaining that the nature documentary series will take its viewers on a “spectacular journey” that will reveal the fragile nature of our beautiful world.

Attenborough noted that man has become the greatest threat to our planet and home but said there is still time for mankind to address these challenges, but only if we act now.

Attenborough said the world needs to pay attention to what we are doing to our home.

The nature broadcaster said the documentary has brought together some of the best conservationists and filmmakers in the world and say he is “delighted” to offer this important story to millions of viewers worldwide.

Nature documentary ‘Our Planet’ a huge undertaking

As noted by Deadline, Fothergill said the nature documentary is their “most ambitious” endeavour yet, saying he hopes the series will delight and inspire people across the globe, helping them to understand our planet and the threats it is facing. He added that they crew travelled to all areas of the world to take breathtaking sequences using the best in modern 4k camera technology.

The Independent notes that a crew of 600 people was involved in capturing more than 3,500 filming days in diverse habitats in the world including everything from Africa’s vast landscapes to the remote Arctic wilderness.

This is the first time Attenborough has been involved with Netflix and it is interesting to note that news of “Our Planet” comes shortly before his latest BBC One series “Dynasties” starts on Sunday.