Could you manage to get by without a little help from your “Friends?” You might have to or at least invest in the DVDs. It has been reported that Netflix could soon lose the popular 90s US sitcom, only nine months after acquiring all the show’s ten seasons.

Things are not altogether lost, however, as reportedly once the new Disney and Warner Media streaming service is up and running, “Friends” could be moving over to the new platform, meaning you may have to cough up some more subscription fees for the privilege.

‘Friends’ moving away from Netflix

Deadline quotes Rich Greenfield, a media analyst for BTIG as saying once the new streaming service is activated by Disney and Warner Media, they will likely take back most of their television series and films away from Netflix.

Greenfield went on to say that content, including “Friends,” would be likely to be taken away from Netflix in 2019 as the new SVOD (streaming video on demand) service is launched. He asked what impact it will have on investors as more content creators start up their own SVOD services.

Sitcom ‘Friends’ is one of the top streamed shows

The final and 10th season of “Friends” ended 14 years ago. However, Yahoo reports that Parrot Analytics has revealed statistics that show the sitcom is the third-most streamed show on Netflix so far this year in the US. However, it was revealed earlier this year that the sitcom is the most streamed show in the UK.

Meanwhile, Netflix doesn’t sound too concerned over the news, after Ted Sarandos, the Chief Content Officer, revealed that their Netflix Originals are among their most popular series and films. Sarandos said they have been a “pretty dependable buyer” of popular content, but things are now getting too complicated with sellers.

He went on to say shows like “Stranger Things,” and no doubt “The Haunting of Hill House,” which are owned or produced in-house by Netflix are among their most popular content for streaming. He added that they also continue to licence a lot of the content streamed on the platform.

Sarandos went on to mention “Fastest Car,” “Queer Eye,” “Sugar Rush” and “Nailed it,” saying the shows are popular with people worldwide, adding that Netflix doesn’t have to go through a “gun-to-the-head” renegotiation for the content.

The popularity of ‘Friends’

YouGov recently ran a poll to find out who is the UK’s favourite “Friends” character, while revealed that Chandler was the top one chosen, with Joey coming second, and Rachel, Ross and Monica trailing behind.

Earlier in the year, there were hints of a possible reboot of “Friends.” Jennifer Aniston and discussed the idea with her two female co-stars, who were also keen. However, so far it doesn’t seem to be an option, although Aniston did say that anything was possible. Otherwise, Jennifer said she and the other two ladies might end up rebooting “The Golden Girls” from their wicker chairs!