Jennifer Aniston has been discussing the idea of a “Friends” reboot with two her female co-stars, Lisa Kudrow and Courteney Cox. While Aniston “fantasises” about the reboot, she says one co-star might not be interested, and that’s Matt LeBlanc.

Speaking to InStyle Magazine, Aniston said “Friends” was the greatest job she ever had and while she’s not sure what the show would look like today, she says so many other shows have had successful reboots, so basically, why not give it a try?

Bringing ‘Friends’ back together again

Since the finale episode of “Friends” aired on NBC in 2004, fans have been asking for the show to be revived.

So far, there has been no luck. As noted by, other popular shows have been revived, including “Seinfeld,” “Murphy Brown” and – briefly – “Roseanne.” However, the show’s creators and cast have never quite got together on the idea and so far it hasn’t happened.

Still, Jennifer keeps on dreaming about it and it seems Lisa and Courteney are pretty much onboard for a reboot of the popular sitcom. Aniston played Rachel Green, while Lisa was the dilly Phoebe Buffay-Hannigan and Courteney played the role of Monica Gellar. However, Matt, as Joey Tribbiani, is another story. Aniston said she knows LeBlanc doesn’t want to be asked about a “Friends” reboot anymore, but she said maybe, between them, they could talk him into the idea.

Aniston went on to joke that if they left it for a while, she, Courteney and Lisa could make a reboot of another popular sitcom “The Golden Girls,” showing them spending their last years together on wicker furniture.

Matt LeBlanc and ‘Friends’

Ironically, it was Matt who initially kept the series going in the past and he even starred in a spin-off show from 2004 to 2006 called “Joey.” However, since then he says he isn’t interested in reviving the original sitcom.

The Radio Times quotes LeBlanc as saying he doesn’t know what the story would be if they went back to revisit the friends all these years later.

Matt theorised that all the friends would have moved on and it couldn’t be the same. While he says he would normally “never say never,” but when it comes to “Friends,” he can’t see it happening.

No comment from the other 'Friends' co-stars

As noted in that report, there was no mention of comment about the reboot from David Schwimmer or Matthew Perry, but even if there were, it’s probably best Aniston and her lady friends get out the wicker furniture.