Eminem is indeed accurate when he stated that he sounds like a broken record every time he breaks the record. Apart from destroying MGK’s career through his diss song “Killshot”, Eminem has moved forward and now setting on another plateau. Like a fine wine, Eminem just keeps on getting better as he ages. Although he is already 44, the future is looking great for Em.

Eminem and Venom

When Marvel and Sony released the very first trailer of the superhero film “Venom”, they were lacking an integral part of the video. For those who aren’t familiar, “Venom” is based on Marvel Comics in which Eddie Brock’s body merges with the alien Venom Symbiote.

Venom’s character is very dangerous and savage, to say the least. This is probably the main reason why Eminem was tapped to do the official soundtrack of the film. Both are savages in their own way and they can easily destroy their enemies at will.

Slim Shady’s stature

As of the moment, “Venom” OST has already reached 77 million views in the span of one week. On the same note, it is included in YouTube’s most trending videos. It didn’t stop there, however, as Eminem, together with Jimmy Kimmel took it to another level. It was announced a few days ago that Eminem will grace Jimmy Kimmel’s show, but nobody expected what they actually did. The Empire State Building has and always been recognised as a marquee structure all over the world.

It more often than not symbolises New York apart from the Statue of Liberty.

Yesterday, Jimmy Kimmel and his production crew were able to pull out an exceptional feat when they were allowed to film a live performance of Eminem’s “Venom”. Right now, this is considered by many critics as one of the best live performances by any artist in a “Late Night Show”.

Eminem casually walked into the historic Empire State Building and started rapping his first verse. He then continued singing his song while on the elevator wherein he met Jimmy Kimmel’s “security guard”, Guillermo. This is a pretty remarkable achievement considering the Empire State Building's high security. But then again, there’s only one Eminem.

Eminem endorsing Google Pixel 3

Apart from the successful surprise performance by Eminem, they’ve also used the same segment to promote Google Pixel 3. It was reported the same day that most of the videos that were captured were shot by the new android phone. From a business perspective, Eminem was able to maximize his rare “Late Night Show” appearance by endorsing the highly anticipated Google product.