Following an interview on the ‘Let There Be Talk’ show, Mastodon guitarist, Brent Hinds has stirred controversy with statements regarding his hatred for the Music industry. In a scene which many desire to be a part of, Hinds’s comments come as a surprise - leading to a mutual uncertainty regarding the future of the band.

Hinds's comments during the interview

Quick-tempered, the musician commented upon his disquiet towards the industry itself and the contributing pressure from fans. During a recent interview with Ultimate Guitar website, a question raised about upcoming announcements from Mastodon immediately led to an abrupt response- “what I really want do [...] is take some f*cking time off”.

Refusing to filter his words, the founding member of the band imminently cleared up any ambiguity he felt towards the industry itself. With various analogies, each one more vulgar than the last, Hinds lashed out at the corruption he feels is hidden within the music scene. He stated he has nothing left to give and that the industry he is a part of is soul-crushing.

It may be that the future of the band itself is uncertain as other band members have not yet released any response to the comments. Hinds, on the other hand, had no doubt about his future in Mastodon as he discussed his definite distance from the role; saying he needs to regather himself.

The musician's response towards fans

Following his antagonisation of the music industry, Hinds made sure his attitude towards fans was not left unaddressed: “I would definitely rather frame houses again […] I don't give a f*ck.

Honestly, I just don't care. Never have cared.”

Ambiguously placing the label, the fans and the band members themselves under a corporate umbrella, he discussed his feelings of powerlessness and exploitation due to being a part of the music scene.

Those tuning into the interview witnessed the musician switch back and forth between a determination to retire from the industry and an inability to retaliate against the band’s label.

Hinds made his hatred of the industry prominent, stating that he is left in the dark regarding his contract and feels he is merely a puppet for his label.

The future of Mastodon

Before concluding the interview, the musician attempted to avoid backlash from fans, reassuring them that his hiatus from the band will only be temporary.

He stated that in regard to the band, everything will work out but warned the fans it would only be music worth listening to if the management would let him take a year break.

The guitarist stated that he desires to take a year out to recollect his personal life. Discussing his recent marriage and the negative effect caused by the pressure of touring, Hinds expressed no hint of wanting to cooperate with the demands he faces. This coincides with a previous statement from the Mastodon drummer, Brann Dailor. In a recent interview with Metal Hammer magazine, he stated the band plan to follow up their 2017 album Emperor of Sand, but would not initiate anything until 2019.

Following these statements, fans are still left uncertain to the future of the band’s career. One thing confirmed is that, despite a suggested hiatus, the end of the monumental band has not yet materialised.