It was recently reported that Millie Bobby Brown, 14, is texting pals with Drake. She posted an image of them both on an Instagram story, saying they text each other and that Drake gives her boy advice. Cosmopolitan magazine notes that Millie spoke about their friendship on the red carpet at the recent Emmys. She called him a great friend and role model and that they text each other saying how much they miss each other.

Some people immediately leapt to the wrong idea, due to Millie being only 14, and Drake being 31. Several fans tweeted, saying that it was creepy that Drake was giving Brown advice on boys.

Others called the friendship outright weird. Most writers, like myself, took the friendship for what it is – I'm 65 and I have friends who are in their twenties – but other news outlets criticised her.

Response from Millie Bobby Brown

On seeing the various comments against her friendship, Millie posted a statement on Instagram, asking why people had to make a “lovely friendship” into their headlines. She responded that they were weird and said she is lucky to have people around her in the business who give their time to help her further her career and to offer guidance and wisdom.

As reported by the Evening Standard, Millie said how blessed she was to have such amazing people in her life, telling her critics that they don’t get to choose that for her.

She said it is nice to have people around her that understand what she does. She then told them to talk about the real problems in the world, instead of her friendships.

Brown also went on to thank those who do support her, telling them that she loves them and sending her love to wherever they are in the world.

Stranger friendships

As recently reported, Millie was at the Brisbane Supernova convention in 2017 when she was introduced to Drake. He was on a break from his sold-out Australian tour. They hit it off and have been in touch ever since.

There’s nothing in the headlines so far about another of Millie’s friendships. She is also friendly with Mark Wright of “TOWIE” fame, who recently posted an image of himself and Brown on Instagram.

He called her – and her family – a friend and went on to say how down to earth and talented the young actress is.

Millie plays the character Eleven, who has enhanced powers on the Netflix show Stranger Things. Fans are currently impatiently awaiting the third season of the show, which is thought to be coming in the summer of 2019. She will also be starring in her first Film, Godzilla: King of the Monsters and will be acting in and producing the film adaptation of a YA novel, Enola Holmes Mysteries.