When WWE revealed the list of the Mixed Match Challenge 2 participants, the lineup appeared promising as it contains some fascinating team-ups that can only be done in the WWE 2K game. However, WWE just did that and WWE Universe was unglued especially when they announced the return of “Team Little Big”.

Goodbye Alexa, hello Ember Moon

'The Empress of Tomorrow' Asuka and The Miz won the inaugural Mixed Match Challenge tournament and was provided with $100,000 for their charity (Rescue Dogs Rock). There are no changes to the rules for season 2 but without Team Little Big, it does change the landscape of the tourney.

Alexa Bliss might be the smallest competitor in the original group, but she is arguably the most decorated of the stars. As announced by WWE.com, she will be replaced by former NXT Women’s Champion, Ember Moon. Bliss and Moon have a different style of wrestling, but both of them are very effective in the ring.

For those who haven’t heard the news yet, Alexa Bliss is still sidelined due to her injured arm thanks to Ronda Rousey’s submission hold, the armbar. After their gruelling match in the most recent pay-per-view Hell In A Cell, Bliss was attended by EMT’s and she informed them of her injury. There is no timetable yet for 'The Goddess' of the WWE but the Women’s locker room should be ready once she is back.

The Boss is officially out

Arguably the most athletic team in the tournament was derailed when Sasha Banks revealed her injury. Finn Balor and Sasha Banks are considered as favourites to win this year's tournament, but their chances right now are in a limbo. There are no details yet on how Sasha Banks got injured, but we are hoping that it isn’t that serious.

Sasha is considered the 'Iron Woman' of WWE as she barely gets injured due to her innate skills and physique.

The Boss might be out, but it is certainly not a good move to count her out. Replacing Sasha is her best friend Bayley. Their rivalry is fully documented but they do know how to win. Finn Balor won’t have a hard time in adjusting their game plan as well as he is already tagged as one of the greatest performers in the world of sports entertainment.

Complete list of teams

Other teams included in the tournament are Mahalicia (Alicia Fox and Jinder Mahal), Team Pawz (Natalya and Kevin Owens), Day One Glow (Naomi and Jimmy Uso), Ravishing Rusev Day (Lana and Rusev), Phenomenal Flair (Charlotte Flair and AJ Styles), The Fabulous Truth (Carmella and R-Truth) and lastly season 1 winner Awe-ska (Asuka and The Miz).